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7 insightful tips: This year’s best pieces of content for maritime professionals

7 essential maritime insights from 2023 in one place – from articles to webinars and white papers, these are the pieces that got the professionals buzzing!

Happy Holidays! Celebrate by taking a look at the most popular, most attractive Insights articles for maritime professionals. As a bonus, I’ve also recommended one interesting article that deserves a wider audience!

Future fuels

Alternative fuels are clearly high on the agenda for maritime professionals right now. Two of the most popular pieces in 2023 were about methanol as marine fuel.

Tip 1 – In 2023, the article on methanol as marine fuel was by far the most read of all our Insights content. “Methanol as marine fuel – is it the solution you are looking for?” answers many questions for those of you who are considering if methanol might be the right solution for your vessel.

Methanol as marine fuel

Tip 2 – The most popular webinar of the year

The webinar on adopting methanol as fuel was broadcast on 27 June 2023 to a record-breaking audience, and the recording has attracted attention as well.

If you haven’t seen this webinar yet, why not check it out? You will learn five things to keep in mind when considering methanol as fuel. You’ll also get helpful tips from Stena Line based on their years of experience with methanol.

Five practical things that will make it easier for you to adopt methanol as fuel


Tip 3 – The handy future fuels A-Z

The fourth most popular piece of content was also related to future fuels. The article delivers the 19 best picks on marine future fuel technology to help you comply with regulations, save money and hit your decarbonisation targets.

Future fuels A to Z – 19 best picks on future marine fuel technology

Future fuels



When you reduce the amount of power needed to push your vessel through the water, you reduce the amount of fuel it consumes and therefore the emissions it generates.

Tip 4 – The third most popular piece published in 2023 referred to the number 13, but it was not unlucky. Thousands of people have wanted to see the article’s 13 amazing pictures while learning how to optimise propulsion the smart way

Feast your eyes on the magic of computational fluid dynamics! You will get 13 glimpses into a world of fascinating underwater insights. You will see what’s going on beneath the surface – without the need to put on a wetsuit! What’s not to love about that?!


Hybrid ships

Tip 5 – Seven fascinating hybrid ship trends

Perhaps you are already sailing a hybrid ship and wondering what the next decade will bring? Or maybe you’re interested in investing in a hybrid vessel and want more information? 

Whatever your situation, you will definitely want to learn what the experts say are the seven hottest trends in the world of hybrid ships.

Ship in water


Popular downloads

Tip 6 – Could methanol really work for your vessel, too? Discover 4 clear examples that show why it could!

The star downloadable document in 2023 was “4 clear examples: Proof that methanol could really work for your vessel”.

This paper includes one example from each of the cruise, ferry, merchant and offshore sectors. The real-life examples demonstrate to you how operators are using methanol to reduce harmful emissions from their vessels.


Tip 7 – eBook: 50 great ways the maritime industry could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions

This eBook is your go-to guide when looking for inspiration on how to cut harmful emissions from your vessels. It brings the 50 best ways together in one place – from ammonia to zero emission battery operation. Download it now!

Cargo vessel

Your bonus tip

As your bonus tip, here is my recommendation: read this article if you aren’t sure about cyber security for your vessel. 

Shape up your vessel's maritime cyber security with these 8 clever tips

If your ship has any equipment with network connections, it could be a target for hackers. Boost your maritime cyber security with these eight clever tips!


I’m in such a festive mood that I’ll give you one more tip about another excellent piece of content.

Extra bonus tip – Because who doesn’t want to be smarter about things? Here’s your easiest way to be smarter about methane slip:

How to be smarter about methane slip – right now

Methane is an extremely powerful greenhouse gas which remains in the atmosphere for about ten years. Cutting methane emissions is the strongest brake lever we have to slow down climate change over the next 25 years, and it complements ongoing efforts to reduce carbon dioxide.

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