5 practical things that will make it simpler for you to adopt methanol as fuel

Methanol is trending in the shipping industry

When switching to methanol you will reduce emissions and improve your EEXI and CII compliance. This makes methanol an attractive choice for any type of vessel and can help owners and operators on their path to a greener future.

There are many things to consider when switching to another fuel. This webinar delivers practical tips that will help you plan the adoption of methanol as marine fuel.

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You will learn

  • Five things to keep in mind when considering methanol as fuel
  • Tips from Stena Line, based on their years of experience with methanol
  • How methanol fuel works in practice and why it could be easier to adopt than you may think.

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Our presenters
Ron Gerlach
Technical Director, Stena AB
Toni Stojcevski
General Manager, Sales, Wärtsilä
Jeremy Crossman
Jeremy Crossman
General Manager, Sales Excellence and coaching, Wärtsilä Marine - Moderator