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White paper: 4 clear examples - proof that methanol could really work for your vessel

Discover four real-life examples – one each from the cruise, ferry, merchant and offshore sectors. Learn how operators are already using methanol to solve their challenges, and how you can start using it to reduce emissions immediately.

Are you interested in methanol as marine fuel? If you are, this white paper is for you!

Four real-life examples will demonstrate to you how operators are using methanol to reduce harmful emissions from their vessels.

Learn more: Download this white paper now!

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Download the white paper and find out how four maritime operators are already using methanol to meet a variety of challenges. 

You will learn four clear examples of how methanol is solving maritime operators’ challenges today. The examples come from cruise, ferry, merchant, and offshore sectors. That is not all, however, you will also learn:

  • why the maritime industry needs alternative fuels
  • four key things you need to know to use methanol as a marine fuel.

When you finish reading, you will also know your practical first step to start using methanol for your fleet or vessel.
This paper could be just what you need to get started on methanol as an alternative, sustainable fuel.

Download the paper now!

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