Fueling the future: Delivering fuel efficiency and cutting greenhouse gas emissions through methane slip reduction

Greenhouse gas reduction and fuel efficiency work together to support decarbonisation strategies within the marine environment.

This informative webinar showcases the technology that addresses methane slip to increase fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases. Focused on vessels operating on LNG, this webinar will provide information about engine upgrades that access methane slip technology and deliver the fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction demanded by a decarbonised future.

Joining our speaker panel are a team of Wärtsilä technical and product experts who will guide you through the technology and solutions that address methane slip.




  • Learn how methane slip impacts fuel efficiency and increased output of greenhouse gases.
  • Understand the engine control and component technology that delivers greenhouse gas reduction through increased fuel efficiency.
  • Learn about the engine specific solutions that address methane slip now available and in development​

Our presenters
Marko Huhmarsalo
Senior Product Manager, Small & Medium Bore Enginers
Mika Mannelin
Senior Product Manager, W50
Hannu Puputti
Senior Product Manager, W20

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