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We meet and engage with diverse people from different backgrounds who influence, facilitate, and bring about real change – in work environments, in industry settings, at community levels, or in the society at large.

Should we pay for essential cyber security?
28 Nov 2023 · Article
5 min read
Who should pay for cyber security?
With both costs and risks around cyber security growing, it’s clear that consumers and companies alike must...
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) at the workplace
26 Oct 2023 · Article
5 min read
How do we create racial and ethnic equity in corporate space?
Racial and ethnic equity at the workplace is gaining attention from corporations...
Are digital currencies here to stay?
18 Oct 2023 · Article
6 min read
Are central bank digital currencies here to stay?
Payments are fundamental to how we live our lives and do business. And while cryptocurrencies have...
What can we do about the cost of living crisis?
11 Oct 2023 · Article
5 min read
Up, up, and away: Inside the cost-of-living crisis
The cost-of-living crisis has emerged as the world's top concern from the living room to the...
Why is EQ important at work
6 Sep 2023 · Article
5 min read
Why EQ is more important than IQ
As remote and hybrid working options become the global norm, a need for more emotionally intelligent practices and...
How can leaders overcome decision fatigue?
12 Jul 2023 · Article
5 min read
How can leaders improve their decision-making skills?
Today’s leaders must make complex choices and face unprecedented demands. But sustained...
How nature is changing the future of work
14 Jun 2023 · Article
5 min read
How the net-zero transition is changing the nature of work
The transition to a net-zero carbon emissions economy will create 24 million jobs...
How innovation and creativity increase business productivity
17 May 2023 · Article
5 min read
Why is productive rebellion good for business?
Some of the world’s greatest innovations were the product of rule-breakers. Yet, organisations have...
Woman wearing safety headphones and visor. Reflection of tablet on visor.
29 Mar 2023 · Article
5 min read
The AI gender gap: living in a world designed by men
Over a third of companies employ artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise and automate their...
Climate change and urban development
19 Apr 2023 · Article
5 min read
Urban streetscapes: A hotspot for climate-change inequality
Those least equipped to weather the hardships of climate change are the most likely to...
Top-down drone image of a crowded beach filled with umbrellas, towels and shacks. People on land and in the water.
26 Apr 2023 · Article
4 min read
Will sustainability survive global population growth?
With the world population now at eight billion people and counting, countries have to balance...
Diversity and Inclusion at work
22 Mar 2023 · Article
5 min read
Diversity of thought – a lifelong journey and a driver for success
Diversity has undergone somewhat of an inflation since the concept became a...
City with social media icons
15 Mar 2023 · Article
4 min read
How can businesses keep the trust?
Business is once again society’s most powerful force, according to the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer that measures...
8 Mar 2023 · Article
5 min read
Unlock the potential of technology with equality
This year at Wärtsilä, we celebrated International Women’s Day early with our event “Innovating...
art drawing, people on a rice field, yellow field, fish
15 Feb 2023 · Article
5 min read
A message of hope through art
They say art is not what you see, but what you make others see. We spoke to artists who are highlighting the effects...
Classroom, India, students in classroom
1 Feb 2023 · Article
5 min read
Bridging India’s digital divide
Digitalisation is spreading at lightning speed in India. Yet, most of the nation’s population lives in rural areas,...
game, gaming, gamers, console
11 Jan 2023 · Article
5 min read
Games that make us better
We all enjoy playing games; thriving on that sense of accomplishment and, on occasion, beating our opponents. What if we...
Floating house, ocean
2 Jan 2023 · Article
5 min read
Floating ideas to solve the global housing crisis
Land shortages, rising sea levels, and extreme weather are making it harder for some communities...
Wärtsilä celebrates silver service in Argentina
22 Dec 2022 · Article
3 min read
Wärtsilä celebrates silver service in Argentina
Wärtsilä has come a long way in the quarter century since it signed its first operations and...
rice field, man working, asia
30 Nov 2022 · Article
8 min read
Maladaptation – when our response to climate change goes wrong
Most of the world accepts the need to combat climate change, but not all attempts to...
Cyber Talks event 24 October 2022 group picture
16 Nov 2022 · Article
5 min read
Cyber security, chili pepper and collaboration – Exploring the cyber landscape together
Our first Cyber Talks event brought together seven...
Team, multicultural workplace, tech
2 Nov 2022 · Article
5 min read
Teaching ethics to the innovators of tomorrow
People working within computer science often face pressing ethical issues. Is ethics education the key...
businessman, pendulum ball, work
5 Oct 2022 · Article
5 min read
How will the Great Resignation impact the future of work?
Millions of people around the globe are hanging up their boots in what is now known as the...
Technology, electric circuits
21 Sep 2022 · Article
5 min read
Why should we be talking about responsible technology policies?
Examining new technologies’ possible implications and impacts on society is both...