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Man inspecting a Wartsila engine
16 JAN 2023 Article
5 min read

Want to cut costs and extend CII compliance? The top 4 ways good maintenance practices can help

Maintenance might seem like a ‘necessary evil’, a...
10 JAN 2023 Article
4 min read

How to get vessel uptime, fuel savings or reduced emissions – guaranteed

Looking for guarantees on uptime, fuel savings or lower emissions? An...
15 DEC 2022 Article
6 min read

Smart decarbonisation: Top 8 ways that ferry operators can do it profitably

From flexible engines and electrification to hybridisation and future...
21 JUN 2022 Article
5 min read

Creating an environment where expertise can blossom

Three leading experts explain how developing its own technology, fostering a culture of...
20 APR 2022 Article
6 min read

Plug and play – cutting vessel fuel consumption and emissions with shore-power

Five things you need to know about reducing emissions, fuel costs and...
5 APR 2022 Article
6 min read

Are you geared up to comply with EEXI?

Wärtsilä’s webinar on EEXI compliance through power limitation discusses the IMO’s upcoming requirements and...
28 MAR 2022 Article
3 min read

Driving fleet decarbonisation with data-led advice

As the entry into force of IMO’s energy efficiency regulations EEXI and CII rapidly approaches,...
1 MAR 2022 Article
3 min read

A faster, more manoeuvrable ride for Fast Ferries

New controllable pitch propeller fitted with Wärtsilä’s energy-saving EnergoProFin propeller cap...
16 DEC 2021 Article
3 min read

Wärtsilä waterjets – the lightest and most efficient on the market

Wärtsilä waterjets help operators increase efficiency and lower emissions while...


Planning maintenance in a changing environment
29 SEP 2022 Webinar

Planning maintenance in a changing environment

In this practical webinar, we discuss how the maintenance approach and spare part sourcing impact...
7 JUL 2021 Webinar

Repairing the Irreparable

In the marine sector, every time a key component breaks or fails a decisive decision need to be made: to either repair or...
QuantiServ Webinar
13 APR 2021 Webinar

Repairing the unrepairable

In the Offshore sector, every time a key component breaks or fails a decisive decision need to be made: to either repair...
Data driven marine operations and maintenance webinar banner
23 JUN 2020 Webinar

Data driven marine operations & maintenance

The marine industry is moving towards a future that is increasingly connected and innovative. By...

White papers

2 pages

White paper: Environmental compliance is a major focal point in the Oil & Gas industry

The offshore oil & gas industry has, like many other...
16 pages

White paper: Outcome-based business partnerships

Why outcome-based business partnerships deliver superior results in complex marine markets.
44 pages

White paper: The route to profitable decarbonisation for the ferry industry

Insights and practical guidance for the journey towards zero-carbon...
9 pages

White paper: Meeting EEXI with Power Limitation solutions

Future-proofing ships with Wärtsilä Energy Power limitation technologies and Energy Saving...
2 pages

White paper: Shared incentives create OPEX savings in oil & gas

The oil & gas industry has gone through a major transformation after the oil price...
Offshore Service Vessels
4 pages

White paper: Offshore Service Vessels - Optimising efficiency and performance

By combining the advantages offered by Wärtsilä’s single-source...