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Container vessel
26 Sep 2023 · Article
5 min read
Container ship engines running inefficiently at low load? Five options to think about
Container ships built more than five years ago are now likely...
10 Aug 2023 · Article
5 min read
Shape up your vessel's maritime cyber security with these 8 clever tips
If your ship has equipment with network connections, it could be a target...
20 Feb 2023 · Article
7 min read
Methanol as marine fuel – is it the solution you are looking for?
What are the advantages of methanol as marine fuel? What are the issues that ship...
container ship
20 Jul 2023 · Article
3 min read
4 top tips to help you decarbonise your merchant fleet fast
If you own or operate merchant vessels like bulkers, tankers or container ships, how can...
AI-driven resource allocation in field services
28 Jun 2023 · Article
4 min read
Wärtsilä's Field Service delivery revolutionised by AI
How can artificial intelligence help find appropriate resources for field service...
Wärtsilä service staff
6 Jun 2023 · Article
3 min read
Five reasons why I love our research and development department
Research and development, why do I love you? Wärtsilä’s Juha Kytölä, Chief...
proven solutions to minimise vessel downtime
28 Apr 2023 · Article
6 min read
Three simple but effective ways to prevent vessel downtime
Looking for proven solutions to minimise vessel downtime? Here are three common causes...
Man inspecting a Wartsila engine
16 Jan 2023 · Article
5 min read
Want to cut costs and extend CII compliance? The top 4 ways good maintenance practices can help
Maintenance might seem like a ‘necessary evil’, a...
10 Jan 2023 · Article
4 min read
How to get vessel uptime, fuel savings or reduced emissions – guaranteed
Looking for guarantees on uptime, fuel savings or lower emissions? An...


Cargo ship at sea

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How to reduce methane slip – winning tactics for your maritime business
Join this interesting webinar and you will learn how to reduce methane slip...
Planning maintenance in a changing environment
29 Sep 2022 · Webinar
Planning maintenance in a changing environment
In this practical webinar, we discuss how the maintenance approach and spare part sourcing impact...
12 Oct 2021 · Webinar
The wind of opportunity in the Asian market - Integrated marine solutions for offshore wind vessels
Know how consultative and early engagement...
7 Jul 2021 · Webinar
Repairing the Irreparable
In the marine sector, every time a key component breaks or fails a decisive decision need to be made: to either repair or...
22 Jun 2021 · Webinar
Fueling the future: Delivering fuel efficiency and cutting greenhouse gas emissions through methane slip reduction
Greenhouse gas reduction and fuel...
RoPax webinar
29 Jun 2021 · Webinar
Ropax solutions to comply with upcoming IMO regulations
The situation today is to gather knowledge on how to accomplice the EEXI requirement by 2023...

White papers

50 great ways for the marine industry to reduce GHG emissions – Wärtsilä eBook
White paper
23 pages
eBook: 50 great ways the maritime industry could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions
Your go-to guide when looking for inspiration on how to cut the...
White paper
2 pages
White paper: Environmental compliance is a major focal point in the Oil & Gas industry
The offshore oil & gas industry has, like many other...
White paper
16 pages
White paper: Outcome-based business partnerships
Why outcome-based business partnerships deliver superior results in complex marine markets.
White paper
44 pages
White paper: The route to profitable decarbonisation for the ferry industry
Insights and practical guidance for the journey towards zero-carbon...
White paper
9 pages
White paper: Meeting EEXI with Power Limitation solutions
Future-proofing ships with Wärtsilä Energy Power limitation technologies and Energy Saving...
Our Journey to Decarbonising Shipping to date banner
White paper
19 pages
White paper: Our journey to date - decarbonising shipping
Big steps in decarbonising shipping being taken by many. Wärtsilä as a leading partner is...

Case studies

Vitol tanker Leopard Star
Case study
Vitol tankers
Wärtsilä EnergoFlow and Wärtsilä EnergoProFin solutions save 2 Vitol tankers 6% on annual fuel consumption and provide 16 days of free...
Case study
Van Oord
Van Oord is accelerating the energy transition with its green ship fleet. Why did they choose methanol for their new offshore wind...
Case study
MMS Co., Ltd.
By spotting a lubricating system anomaly, Wärtsilä Expert Insight service prevented tens of thousands of euros worth of damage to an...
Carnival Regal Princess and optimal decarbonisation path
Case study
Carnival Regal Princess
A digital model of the Regal Princess cruise ship has given Carnival data and insights that will help it decarbonise both...
Case study
A Wärtsilä Vasa 32 engine upgrade and Wärtsilä EnergoProFin help bulk carrier cut fuel use and emissions by 10% and meet IMO Tier II NOx...
Case study
Seapeak Maritime
LNG carriers at Seapeak Maritime get the Wärtsilä UNIC engine control system. The result: increased engine reliability and safety,...
Case study
Aurora Botnia - Fuel optimization
Hybrid propulsion and flexible dual-fuel technology are just two of the ways ferry operator Wasaline is improving...
Arvika reference
Case study
MV Arvika
Wärtsilä EnergoProFin improves the fuel efficiency of bulk carrier MV Arvika
Case study
MV Pontica
Renewal of propulsion line shortens off-hire time for cargo vessel