Port optimisation

Port optimisation provides intelligent tools and digital technologies for perfectly coordinated vessel traffic in ports and efficient port operations.

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7 Dec 2022 · Article
4 min read
Maritime and data: Seven predictions for the year ahead
Complexity and upheaval will continue to test shipping in 2023, but efforts to advance...
13 Oct 2022 · Article
5 min read
What to expect from Smart Ports
Ports are an extremely important part of the maritime ecosystem and crucial to the world economy. But what is a...
Singapore Port
5 Apr 2022 · Article
5 min read
Singapore taking the lead in shipping’s green technology transformation
Strategically located on the East-West trade lane, and boasting connectivity...
18 Nov 2021 · Article
4 min read
Easing port congestion at two very busy French ports
In October 2019 Region Hauts-de-France placed an order with Wärtsilä Voyage to upgrade the...
7 Oct 2021 · Article
5 min read
Bringing resilience back to the maritime supply chain
Digital port calls could be the first step in containing congestion, as well as offering a...
20 May 2021 · Article
5 min read
‘Just in time’ is just the beginning
Just-in-time arrivals will revolutionise how port calls are organised, but it is only the first step in the...
18 May 2021 · Article
5 min read
Solutions to decarbonise are embedded in data
Data is holding every stakeholder individually accountable for their environmental impact. But data...
1 Dec 2020 · Article
3 min read
How Lerwick Harbour keeps supply chains open during the pandemic
In view of the disruption generated by the COVID-19 pandemic on maritime networks,...
23 Oct 2020 · Article
3 min read
How 5G will change the Smart Marine Ecosystem
5G enables vessels and ports to have greater connectivity and reliability as well as share large...


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White papers

White paper
12 pages
White paper: The future of shipping
How to enable just-in-time arrivals and eliminate wasteful practises in shipping operations? Digital technology,...

Case studies

Lerwick VTS Control Room
Case study
Lerwick VTMS
Due to its high volume of traffic, this principal commercial port for Shetland, UK at the crossroads of the North Sea and North-east...
Vessels Traffic Service and Terminal Operational System
Case study
Turkmenistan-bashi VTS
Wärtsilä’s feat was to ensure year-round uninterrupted monitoring, identification and classification of all the detected...
Wärtsilä’s River Information Systems (RIS)
Case study
Bulgaria RIS VTS
Situated on the Danube River, the main RIS in Ruse, needed a vessel traffic management for the inland waterways to streamline...
VTS Control Center in the Tianjin MSA
Case study
Tianjin VTS
Located on Haihe river, near Beijing, the Port of Tianjin wanted a new VTS subcenter as well as upgrade the existing VTS infrastructure.
vessel traffic management for the inland waterway
Case study
In-between Rio de Janeiro and Vitoria ports Brazilian ports needed a vessel traffic management for the inland waterway wanted to streamline...