Shaft line solutions
Shaft line solutions

8 MAR 2022 Article
6 min read
A happy team can make miracles happen
16 NOV 2021 Article
8 min read
Under the water is where Bow van der Weijde belongs
4 OCT 2021 Article
5 min read
In conversation with Cristina Armas
Growing up in the 90s, there was a strong princess culture, but this girl was like, I can do what I want, and...
4 MAR 2021 Article
8 min read
Yuanjun (Tedd) Gui: “Engineering is where I belong, I’ve always thought in that way”
10 DEC 2020 Article
10 min read
A lifetime of service: In conversation with Matt Zirkle, President, Wärtsilä Defense, Inc
26 OCT 2020 Article
5 min read
On life and work: In conversation with Wärtsilä Shaft Line Solutions Sales Director Panu Sorvisto
Finnish-born Genoa-based Panu Sorvisto didn’t...
Designing a world-first product
25 APR 2018 Article
3 min read
Designing a world-first product
Stern tube seal is the star product at Wärtsilä’s Toyama factory in Japan. A special rubber with heat resisting...
14 FEB 2019 Article
7 min read
Wärtsilä aims high by diving deep
With two recent acquisitions, Wärtsilä is gaining foothold in underwater services across European ports. The new...
27 FEB 2019 Article
4 min read
The go-to guy for maintenance
John Dunstan is a man with a very particular set of skills, acquired over a very long career. See why these skills...