Marine electric solutions

Marine electric solutions have been part of vessel design for many years in the form of diesel-electric propulsion or shaft generators, for example. The share of green energy – from renewable sources such as wind, water, and solar – in land-based electrical grids is on the increase. It makes sense for ships to take advantage of shore-based green energy. Depending on the vessel and its operating profile there are many ways to reduce its emission footprint. The key is optimisation: finding the right solution for each vessel.

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Aasfoss © Aasen Shipping
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White papers

50 great ways for the marine industry to reduce GHG emissions – Wärtsilä eBook
White paper
23 pages
eBook: 50 great ways the maritime industry could reduce its greenhouse gas emissions
Your go-to guide when looking for inspiration on how to cut the...
Our Journey to Decarbonising Shipping to date banner
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19 pages
White paper: Our journey to date - decarbonising shipping
Big steps in decarbonising shipping being taken by many. Wärtsilä as a leading partner is...
Offshore Service Vessels
White paper
4 pages
White paper: Offshore Service Vessels - Optimising efficiency and performance
By combining the advantages offered by Wärtsilä’s single-source...
White paper
4 pages
White paper: Increase TCE rates and reduce OPEX
Owners and managers in the merchant fleet are under increasing pressure to maximise lifetime value...
Wartsila HY TUG propulsion system banner
White paper
23 pages
White paper: Wärtsilä HY TUG propulsion system
With regulatory compliance becoming more and more of a global issue, Wärtsilä is launching new...
A clean environment Towards zero-emission shipping banner
White paper
8 pages
White paper: A clean environment - Towards zero-emission shipping
Environmental protection is a key driver in the maritime industry today, both in...


Container ships at sea
5 Oct 2023 · Webinar
Real-world solutions for the Greek and Cypriot merchant fleet
This webinar will focus on real-world concepts that can help, from future fuels,...
11 Oct 2022 · Webinar
How to improve your CII rating with energy saving technologies
This webinar reveals how energy saving technologies can improve CII rating for...
Soluciones híbridas / Sistema de baterías "Wärtsilä HY"
21 Oct 2021 · Webinar
Soluciones híbridas / Sistema de baterías 'Wärtsilä HY'
Las soluciones híbridas juegan un papel muy importante en la electrificación y en dirección...
Marine Vessel Electrification webinar
17 Jun 2021 · Webinar
Marine Vessel Electrification - Charging Towards Decarbonisation
Electrical solutions and their role on vessels has been understood and part of...
Low Loss Concept Webinar banner
10 Feb 2021 · Webinar
Low Loss Electrical Concept - Redundancy, Efficiency and Cost Savings
Wärtsilä patented Low Loss Electrical Concept supports your environmental...
Hybrid webinar banner
30 Apr 2020 · Webinar
Say ‘HY’ to the future: THE hybrid (r)evolution webinar (Asia time zone)
Hybrid technology is now being applied in all industries. But what about...
Hybrid webinar banner
12 May 2020 · Webinar
Say ‘HY’ to the future: THE hybrid (r)evolution webinar (America time zone)
Hybrid technology is now being applied in all industries. But what about...
Hybrid webinar banner
5 May 2020 · Webinar
Say ‘HY’ to the future: THE hybrid (r)evolution webinar (Europe time zone)
Hybrid technology is now being applied in all industries. But what about...
Denmark Hybrid Solutions Webinar Hero Slide
18 Nov 2020 · Webinar
Hybrid Solutions for marine applications - Optimise your operational performance

Case studies

Finnsirius © Finnlines
Case study
Finnlines' two RoPax vessels
Why was an integrated hybrid solution for two new RoPax vessels the perfect choice to support Finnlines’ long-term...
Hybrid solution for Aasen Shipping's modern bulk carrier
Case study
Aasen Shipping
Hybrid solution delivers big fuel savings, reliability and outstanding performance for Aasen Shipping's modern self-discharging bulk...
Case study
Brittany Ferries
With an 11.5 MWh energy storage system, Brittany Ferries’ two new RoPax vessels are record breakers. What rewards will they reap...
Case study
Misje Vita
Hybrid solution including engine, batteries, propeller and energy management system delivers big fuel savings for Misje Rederi's newbuild...
Carnival Regal Princess and optimal decarbonisation path
Case study
Carnival Regal Princess
A digital model of the Regal Princess cruise ship has given Carnival data and insights that will help it decarbonise both...
Case study
Harvey Gulf International Marine
Wärtsilä HY hybrid upgrade has helped make Harvey Gulf International Marine’s operations significantly more fuel...
Case study
Maersk Minder
Wärtsilä HY hybrid upgrade cuts fuel consumption and carbon emissions onboard the Maersk Minder anchor handling tug supply vessel.
Case study
Rawabi goes hybrid
A hybrid retrofit with engines and batteries cut emissions and operating costs and optimised engine operation for the Rawabi 324...
Case study
Aurora Botnia - Fuel optimization
Hybrid propulsion and flexible dual-fuel technology are just two of the ways ferry operator Wasaline is improving...