We bring Wärtsilä's purpose to life by talking about how it is closely linked to both the development of our society and our businesses, as well as how it is translated into action, on the ground.

Shipping, logistics, supply chain
28 SEP 2022 Article
5 min read

As companies create their own supply chains, what happens next?

Weary of supply chain woes, the world’s largest retailers are taking logistics into...
AI, hands, robot
31 AUG 2022 Article
4 min read

Winning IT with AI-human partnerships

AI and machine learning are transforming the way we live and work. But automation can also lead to bias,...
3 AUG 2022 Article
7 min read

How can corporations minimise global technological risks?

The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report categorises the consequences of advancing...
boy, collecting trash, trash, poor
29 JUN 2022 Article
7 min read

How can corporations help alleviate short-term societal risks?

From infectious diseases to livelihood crises, societal risks account for some of the...
child, children, field, nature, sunny
22 JUN 2022 Article
8 min read

Why must we teach kids about sustainability?

From addressing current environmental issues to creating a future generation of eco-advocates,...
phone, young people, friends
1 JUN 2022 Article
8 min read

The cost of our online habits

Our internet use has gone through the roof since the pandemic. But the worry over the negative environmental impact of...
tech ethics, ethics, technology, AI
25 MAY 2022 Article
8 min read

It’s time to talk about responsible tech

Virtually every sphere of human life has been impacted by technology, but if it is not well designed, could...
Partner Campus, Smart Technology Hub, Vaasa
11 MAY 2022 Article
7 min read

Joining forces for a sustainable future

The Partner Campus in Wärtsilä’s new Sustainable Technology Hub (STH) is buzzing with activity. Read how...
metaverse, VR
27 APR 2022 Article
8 min read

Are you ready for the metaverse?

The world needs to prepare itself as science fiction becomes reality in the next stage of digital connectivity. But...
Ocean, currents, sea
2 MAR 2022 Article
9 min read

What does the collapse of ocean currents mean for the world?

Major systems of ocean currents help regulate the weather globally and the Atlantic...
Antarctica, ice, arctic sea, boat, expedition
23 FEB 2022 Article
7 min read

The tip of the iceberg: why preserving Antarctica’s oceans matters

Could establishing the world’s largest Marine Protected Area in the Weddell Sea...
Puffin, biodiversity, species, bird, birds, extinction
16 FEB 2022 Article
7 min read

New species update to focus on recovery over loss

The IUCN’s new Green Status of Species shows how well species have recovered. Can these latest...
internship, interns
22 DEC 2021 Article
5 min read

Gaining on-the-job experience while being out of the office

Are there still benefits to an internship when it’s done remotely? Both employers and...
Galapagos islands, island, nature
15 DEC 2021 Article
5 min read

What happens when nature is given political rights?

Developing nations have taken the lead on enshrining environmental protection while some western...
24 NOV 2021 Article
7 min read

Using the past to predict the future of sea levels

Historical data is crucial for predicting the rate, extent, and consequences of rising sea...
19 NOV 2021 Article
9 min read

People with Purpose: Hwee Chye Lim

For Hwee Chye Lim (Leon), there are many aspects of the cybersecurity field that he finds fascinating, such as...
Dry, plant, climate change, desert
27 OCT 2021 Article
6 min read

Code red for humanity – stopping climate change

IPCC’s latest report on climate change has shocked the world and rang alarm bells about the impact...
13 OCT 2021 Article
7 min read

Can a corporate minimum tax fight climate change?

The joint communique from the most recent G7 summit included a proposal for a global tax on...
Johanna Kuusisto
7 OCT 2021 Article
9 min read

People with Purpose: Johanna Kuusisto

Over the past four years, Johanna Kuusisto has learnt to become a Parisian – maybe not in the most literal...
Adele Kurki
30 SEP 2021 Article
9 min read

People with Purpose – Adele Kurki

From competitive ballroom dancing in the national team to contemplating bullet wounds, Adele Kurki had tried it...
Daniel Moncayo People with purpose
26 AUG 2021 Article
7 min read

People with Purpose – Daniel Moncayo

Starting from a military background, Daniel Moncayo has made a career in security management and became a...
Children, boardgame
4 AUG 2021 Article
7 min read

Could combatting climate change be child’s play?

Games aren’t just fun. They provide “edutainment”:  a way to learn about complex issues such as...
Harbor at sunset
28 JUL 2021 Article
9 min read

Reimagining supply chains for greater resiliency

Faced with ongoing disruptions and continued uncertainty, global supply chain leaders are...
boats on water
21 JUL 2021 Article
7 min read

Collaborating with Dutch students: A win-win situation

Partnering with a Dutch university is providing both Wärtsilä and the students involved with...