We bring Wärtsilä's purpose to life by talking about how it is closely linked to both the development of our society and our businesses, as well as how it is translated into action, on the ground.

To reduce climate action, faster and smarter is the way to go
7 Dec 2023 · Article
5 min read
Do or die: Accelerating the green energy transition
We are witnessing our planet warming at a record pace, likely breaching the 1.5°C climate target...
What is a deeply responsible business and how can it change the world?
30 Nov 2023 · Article
5 min read
What is deep responsibility and how can it change the world?
In a world where sustainability is the foremost societal concern, the lines of what...
What can we do about the cost of living crisis?
11 Oct 2023 · Article
5 min read
Up, up, and away: Inside the cost-of-living crisis
The cost-of-living crisis has emerged as the world's top concern from the living room to the...
Can we measure corporate purpose?
4 Oct 2023 · Article
5 min read
Can corporate purpose be measured?
A new principles-based standard outlining the best practices of purpose-driven organisations aims to help...
Striking the balance between business and philanthropy
23 Aug 2023 · Article
5 min read
Profit vs philanthropy: Can corporations strike the right balance?
From financially supporting foundations to implementing CSR policies that benefit...
Reinventing global supply chains
9 Aug 2023 · Article
5 min read
Post-Containergeddon: Time to reinvent global supply chains
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a paradigm shift in the prevailing global trade model....
Unlocking the potential of the circular economy by reducing waste
2 Aug 2023 · Article
5 min read
Unlocking Circularity: Maximising Value and Minimising Waste
Amid the challenges posed by resource depletion and environmental degradation,...
What’s stopping clean power from going to the poorest?
26 Jul 2023 · Article
5 min read
How can emerging economies fulfil their clean energy potential?
Emerging economies must catch up in clean energy development despite their massive...
Image of lady wearing a Wärtsilä cap and safety goggles
21 Jun 2023 · Article
4 min read
Corporate resilience: Four ways to thrive in a crisis
Resilience is the new buzzword when it comes to managing corporate risk. We look at what it...
Two hospital ships from the Mercy Ships fleet in port. Mercyships.org painted on the sides.
10 May 2023 · Article
4 min read
A mission of mercy; hospital ships are transcending borders and saving lives
Each year, Mercy Ships’ state-of-the-art hospital ships embark on a...
Interior view of Wärtsilä's Kampen facility in the Netherlands. Cartons, machinery and people visible.
23 Mar 2023 · Article
3 min read
Energy savings start at home
As the mercury rises across the planet and energy costs soar, so too does the pressure to commit to more sustainable...
Diversity and Inclusion at work
22 Mar 2023 · Article
5 min read
Diversity of thought – a lifelong journey and a driver for success
Diversity has undergone somewhat of an inflation since the concept became a...
City with social media icons
15 Mar 2023 · Article
4 min read
How can businesses keep the trust?
Business is once again society’s most powerful force, according to the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer that measures...
Manufacturing robotics on a pink background
22 Feb 2023 · Article
6 min read
Deep tech may just save the planet
Deep tech innovation has the potential to solve humanity’s most complex economic, environmental, business, and...
art drawing, people on a rice field, yellow field, fish
15 Feb 2023 · Article
5 min read
A message of hope through art
They say art is not what you see, but what you make others see. We spoke to artists who are highlighting the effects...
Coffee making, coffee pan and grinder
8 Feb 2023 · Article
5 min read
Wake up and smell the coffee
Coffee is one of the world’s top commodities – but now its future is under threat due to climate change. Luckily, there...
who do you entrust your business-critical assets to
31 Jan 2023 · Article
5 min read
Who do you entrust your business-critical assets to?
Learn why certifying information systems and products is even more important in times of...
clouds, rainforest, recycle
18 Jan 2023 · Article
5 min read
Could carbon removal scale up to be as big as oil and gas?
The time has come for a more direct approach to climate change, one where carbon capture...
game, gaming, gamers, console
11 Jan 2023 · Article
5 min read
Games that make us better
We all enjoy playing games; thriving on that sense of accomplishment and, on occasion, beating our opponents. What if we...
city, dry earth, green city
4 Jan 2023 · Article
5 min read
COP27: The long road ahead
COP27 may not go down in history as a path-breaking event on increased climate commitments. But it certainly will be...
Ship, dark waters
21 Dec 2022 · Article
5 min read
From mustard to semiconductors, climate change is transforming the global supply chain
Climate change is disrupting the global supply chain,...
worker, shipyard
7 Dec 2022 · Article
6 min read
Save jobs, save the economy
As the world gears up for a possible recession, experts argue saving jobs is critical to helping safeguard the economy....
Carbon tech, Carbon, CO2, illustration
23 Nov 2022 · Article
4 min read
Is carbon tech the key to a brighter future?
Atmospheric carbon is a valuable natural resource. Companies understand that and are now capturing and...
Team, multicultural workplace, tech
2 Nov 2022 · Article
5 min read
Teaching ethics to the innovators of tomorrow
People working within computer science often face pressing ethical issues. Is ethics education the key...