This is where we re-examine and redefine our responsibility towards the environment. We dissect issues on climate emergency, biodiversity, alternative energy sources, future fuels, new technologies, and water & air quality, among other things, to see how corporations can assume a bigger role to make a difference.

3 FEB 2023 Article
3 min read

Twentyfour7. Insights Year 2022: 265 content pieces consumed around 400 thousand times, and 81 tons of carbon to be stored

The whole Insights team...
city, dry earth, green city
4 JAN 2023 Article
5 min read

COP27: The long road ahead

COP27 may not go down in history as a path-breaking event on increased climate commitments. But it certainly will be...
Floating house, ocean
2 JAN 2023 Article
5 min read

Floating ideas to solve the global housing crisis

Land shortages, rising sea levels, and extreme weather are making it harder for some communities...
Ship, dark waters
21 DEC 2022 Article
5 min read

From mustard to semiconductors, climate change is transforming the global supply chain

Climate change is disrupting the global supply chain,...
rice field, man working, asia
30 NOV 2022 Article
8 min read

Maladaptation – when our response to climate change goes wrong

Most of the world accepts the need to combat climate change, but not all attempts to...
Glacier, woman, woman in nature
11 NOV 2022 Article
5 min read

Decoding natural and human-induced climate change

Climate change causes disastrous events around the world. But is there a risk that climate change...
wind power, father and child
19 OCT 2022 Article
5 min read

Mitigating long-term environmental risks: the crucial role of corporations

From transitioning to clean energy to encouraging greener consumer...
Woods, forest, roots
24 AUG 2022 Article
5 min read

Nature’s path to sustainability

For centuries, designers, and engineers have tried to harness the power of nature. Now, they are trying to learn...
10 AUG 2022 Article
5 min read

Climate change survival heating up in South Asia

The record-breaking heat wave over South Asia is a sign that the impact of climate change has...
Japan city, street
20 JUL 2022 Article
7 min read

Can Japan’s new form of capitalism boost hope for a greener future?

Through his flagship policy, Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio expresses...
Clouds, mountains, hiker
15 JUN 2022 Article
8 min read

Are the answers in the clouds?

Studying clouds is crucial if we are to truly understand how the climate is changing. But how exactly can clouds help...
sharks, shark, ocean, ecosystem
18 MAY 2022 Article
7 min read

Sharks on the brink

Climate change is threatening the survival of sharks. And not only are they in danger, but their disappearance could have...
Green leadership, green, plant
10 MAY 2022 Article
6 min read

Green leadership: paving the way to a net-zero future

If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s how much our actions affect the planet. The world...
field, agriculture, farmer, Asia
20 APR 2022 Article
5 min read

Climate change action: now or never

The window of opportunity to mitigate climate change is speedily narrowing. The IPCC’s latest report shows us...
factory, pollution, nuclear
30 MAR 2022 Article
7 min read

Is the EU’s climate policy overhaul ambitious enough to meet its carbon targets?

The EU has committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and cut...
Underwater, farm, diver, ocean, plants, Ocean Reef
23 MAR 2022 Article
10 min read

Is underwater farming the way forward?

The rising demand for food and the adverse effects of climate change on agriculture demand new solutions. The...
ship, container ship, vessel, waves, shipping
16 MAR 2022 Article
7 min read

How climate change is impacting shipping and maritime trade

Extreme weather events are becoming the ‘new normal’ due to climate change and the...
Ocean, currents, sea
2 MAR 2022 Article
9 min read

What does the collapse of ocean currents mean for the world?

Major systems of ocean currents help regulate the weather globally and the Atlantic...
Antarctica, ice, arctic sea, boat, expedition
23 FEB 2022 Article
7 min read

The tip of the iceberg: why preserving Antarctica’s oceans matters

Could establishing the world’s largest Marine Protected Area in the Weddell Sea...
Puffin, biodiversity, species, bird, birds, extinction
16 FEB 2022 Article
7 min read

New species update to focus on recovery over loss

The IUCN’s new Green Status of Species shows how well species have recovered. Can these latest...
1 FEB 2022 Article
3 min read

Twentyfour7. Insights Year 2021: 281 content pieces consumed for half a million times, and 112 tons of carbon to be stored

The whole Insights team...
Geothermal energy, energy, geothermal, power plant
26 JAN 2022 Article
6 min read

Zero-emission energy: Not all wind and solar

Niche renewable energy sources, like geothermal and wave, have a key role to play in the transition to...
finance, investment, green finance, money
19 JAN 2022 Article
5 min read

Sustainable investors stay focused on their own backyard

Sustainable investing is now mainstream, but it is not going to where it would have the...
Satellite, space, data
5 JAN 2022 Article
7 min read

On climate change, numbers don’t lie

Every day we are presented with numbers, figures, and projections that tell us about the state of the climate...