Wärtsilä in sustainable development indices

Wärtsilä is included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (both World and Europe), FTSE4Good Index, Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe, ECPI Indices, MSCI ACWI ESG Leaders Index, S&P Europe 350 ESG index, STOXX Global ESG Leaders index, and OMX GES Sustainability Finland Index.

Wärtsilä is also included in the Ethibel PIONEER and EXCELLENCE Investment Registers, as well as RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbook. In addition, we have been awarded “Prime” status by ISS ESG.

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Dow Jones Sustainability Indices
Launched in 1999, the S&P Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) are a family of indices evaluating the sustainability performance of the largest companies listed on the Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index. They are the longest-running global sustainability benchmarks worldwide, and have become a key reference point in sustainability investing for investors and companies alike. The DJSI is based on an analysis of corporate economic, environmental and social performance, assessing issues such as corporate governance, risk management, branding, climate change mitigation, supply chain standards and labour practices. Currently, Wärtsilä is a member of the DJSI World and DJSI Europe indices. Wärtsilä has been included in the indices since 2016.


S&P Global Sustainability Yearbook
S&P Global is a provider of credit ratings, benchmarks and analytics in the global capital and commodity markets, offering data and insights on critical business factors including ESG. The Sustainability Yearbook 2021 ranked 7,032 companies in the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessments (CSA), which is the basis for the S&P Global ESG Score. S&P Global ESG Scores also form the key factor for selecting companies for the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) and the CSA is used as one of the analytical tools for a growing series of S&P ESG indices including the S&P 500 ESG Index. Wärtsilä has been included in the Yearbook since 2014.


FTSE4Good Index
FTSE4Good Index Series is a series of benchmark and tradable indices for socially responsible investors. The FTSE4Good Index Series is designed to measure the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices with a criteria of 300 Indicators across 14 Themes and 3 Pillars. The inclusion criteria are designed to help investors minimise social, environmental and ethical risks. The criteria focus is on corporate responsibility, human rights, environmental actions, social and stakeholder engagement and countering bribery. Wärtsilä has been included in the index since 2009.

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ECPI ESG Indices 
ECPI is a leading Rating and Index company dedicated to ESG Research since 1997. ECPI uses an objective, sector-based approach to analysing ESG data of issuers with the goal of translating qualitative data into quantitative indicators, assigning to each issuer a score and a rating. Criteria for the indices is based on rule-based approach involving approximately 100 key performance indicators to evaluate an issuer’s environmental, social and governance sustainability. Wärtsilä is included in the ECPI Global Carbon Equity Index and ECPI Global ESG Best in Class Equity index. Wärtsilä has been included in the indices since 2010.


MSCI ESG Leaders Index
The MSCI ACWI ESG Leaders Index is a capitalization weighted index that provides exposure to companies with high Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance relative to their sector peers. MSCI ACWI ESG Leaders Index consists of large and mid cap companies across 23 Developed Markets and 24 Emerging Markets countries. Wärtsilä has been included in the index since 2015.


OMX Sustainability Finland Index
The OMX Sustainability Finland Index is based on risk ratings, which are analyses of risks in the companies' methods of dealing with the environment, human rights and corporate governance. The analysis is based on international norms on Environmental, Social and Governance issues in accordance with the UN Principles for Responsible Investments. They evaluate both the companies' present status and readiness for the future. The analysis model is easy to implement and gives an immediate overview of a company's sustainability status, which can reduce investment risk. The Finnish index comprises the 40 best rated companies on the Helsinki stock exchange. Wärtsilä has been included in the index since 2010.


Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe
The members for the Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe are chosen from among those companies Ethibel Investment Registers. The ESI indices universe is composed of companies included in the Russell Global Index that display the best performance in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility. The Ethibel Sustainability Index (ESI) Excellence Europe includes 200 top performing European companies in this field. The analysis is based on research done by Vigeo. Wärtsilä has been included in the index since 2015.


STOXX Global ESG Leaders index
The STOXX Global ESG Leaders index offers a representation of the leading global companies in terms of environmental, social and governance criteria. The index is made of the following three ESG sub-indices: the STOXX Global ESG Environmental Leaders, the STOXX Global ESG Social Leaders and the STOXX Global ESG Governance Leaders indices. Indicators for ESG indicators are provided by Sustainalytics. Wärtsilä has been included in the index since 2016.

Prime Label - Corporate Responsiblity

ISS ESG Prime Status
The ISS ESG rating considers Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices by evaluating more than 100 industry-specific indicators. ISS ESG awards companies with an ESG performance above the sector-specific Prime threshold, which means that they fulfil ambitious absolute performance requirements. Wärtsilä has been included in the index since 2020.