Sustainability targets

OWN OPERATIONS: To become carbon neutral in own operations.2030New target
OWN OPERATIONS: 100% renewable generated electricity purchases in Finland (in connection of Smart Technology Hub, STH).2022New target
OWN OPERATIONS: Reduce energy consumption by at least 7% in terms of absolute consumption (GWh) from 2015 levels.2025By the end of 2020, energy savings of 8.3 GWh were achieved, representing 27.7% of the final 2025 target. Internal energy survey for major energy using companies under planning. Further actions defined based on the survey.​
PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS: To provide a product portfolio which will be ready for zero carbon fuels.2030New target
PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS: Hydrogen Proof of Concept testing – Finalise the first phase of testing with a demo on pure hydrogen.Q3/2021New target
PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS: Ammonia Proof of Concept testing – Finalise the first phase of testing with a demo on pure ammonia.Q4/2021New target
PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS: NextDF pilot installation – Reduce more than 50% of methane slip leading to a 10% greenhouse gas emission reduction from current Best Available Technology (BAT) level.​Q3/2022New target
PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS: Complete the first power-to-X and X-to-power demonstrator project.2023New target
PRODUCTS AND SOLUTIONS: Enable greater renewable deployment with energy storage project capacity totalling 1,000 MWh.2022New target
ENHANCING SAFETY: Reach the long-term goal of zero injuries.
Long-term targetIn 2020, the corporate lost-time injury frequency rate (LTIF) was 2.03. This was slightly above the annual target of 1.60, but nevertheless represents a 10% improvement compared to 2019 (2.25). 2020 was an exceptional year and our highest priority was to protect our employees against COVID-19. Wärtsilä established global and local crisis management teams to prepare and implement pandemic prevention actions and control plans. Our organisation also continued applying traditional protective safety measures. As a highlight, the number of management safety walks, which were mostly carried out virtually, increased by 4%, and near miss/hazard reporting by 20% compared to 2019. 
ENHANCING SAFETY: Establish a contractor EHS compliance programme (requirements, implementation, consultation, auditing, measuring, target setting and reporting).​
2022New target
ENHANCING SAFETY: Implement enhanced safety philosophy at the Smart Technology Hub.2022New target
WELLBEING AND DIVERSITY: Achieve an employee engagement index above 80%.2023New target
WELLBEING AND DIVERSITY: Personnel development – reach 100% Development Discussion completion rate.2023By the end of 2020, altogether 91% of the company’s employees had completed development discussions. The annual average coverage during 2017–2020 was 93.6%, ranging from 91% to 96%. 
WELLBEING AND DIVERSITY: Diversity – increase the share of female workforce to 20%.2023In 2020, the share of female employees was 17%, which was below the target. Wärtsilä will continue its Diversity and Inclusion programme to drive an inclusive corporate culture.
WELLBEING AND DIVERSITY: Reach equal pay for males and females as specified (100%).2023New target
Achieve a Code of Conduct training coverage of 100% to ensure commitment to the Code of Conduct throughout the organisation.
At the end of 2020, the Code of Conduct training coverage was 96% of all employees. The average annual training coverage during the target review period was 92.4%, ranging from 89% to 96%.
Prepare new content for ethical discussions programme.
2022New target
Launch of an enhanced anti-corruption training programme.
New target
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