Reporting misconduct 

Wärtsilä employees are encouraged to voice their concerns relating to any potential violations of the Code of Conduct and its underlying policies and instructions. The reported misconduct cases are investigated either locally or centrally, as appropriate. The primary means for reporting suspected misconduct incidents is via the line management. However, employees also have alternative reporting routes, including an externally hosted whistleblowing channel available in 16 languages, reporting directly to the compliance function, or by informing legal affairs. The whistleblowing channel allows anonymous reportingIf a suspected violation involves the top management of Wärtsilä Corporation, or where the suspected case is believed to be significant, the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors of Wärtsilä Corporation can be contacted directly.

Employees who report a potential Code of Conduct violation in good faith will not suffer harassment, retaliation, or adverse employment consequences. In all cases, our employees can seek advice on ethical and lawful behaviour and on matters of integrity from Wärtsilä legal counsels or from the compliance function. In 2022, a total of 112 reports of suspected misconduct incidents were made. All reported incidents are investigated and appropriate corrective actions are taken, as necessary. The majority of all reported incidents are grievance cases.

As of January 2024, Wärtsilä has opened a Supplier Whistleblowing channel, where Wärtsilä Suppliers, Agents, Distributors, Consultants are provided an opportunity to report suspicious incidents that violate Wärtsilä Code of Conduct or the applicable laws to our whistleblowing channel (“Wärtsilä Supplier Whistleblowing Channel”). The channel enables anonymous reporting if the reporter so chooses. The communication within channel is secured by encrypted messaging.

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