Carbon neutrality

Wärtsilä’s roadmap to decarbonise our own operations is divided into three phases, with the emission reduction measures and targets for the first phase (2022-2024) having been confirmed in 2022. Based on a thorough assessment, we identified the main greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction measures for 2023 and outlined our ambition levels in terms of annual GHG reductions. In 2023, the target is to reduce CO2e emissions by 20,000 tons (approx. 20%) compared to our base year 2021.

To understand the full potential of CO2e emissions reduction opportunities at the site level, country-specific assessments were kicked off in 2022. These assessments included analysing, for example, the opportunities to purchase green electricity and utilise solar power at our sites, and the feasibility of using electric heat pumps for heating purposes instead of using natural gas in boilers.

When looking at our carbon footprint, R&D and factory engine testing are responsible for a significant amount of our GHG emissions. To identify how CO2e emissions related to engine testing can be reduced, a workshop was held in August 2022. This resulted in several improvement ideas being identified, such as reducing engine running times during factory and R&D engine testing. Some of the improvement ideas, however, need a longer term perspective, for example switching to cleaner fuels in our engine testing.