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Compliance and reporting

Ensuring charter party and environmental compliance like MRV.

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Compliance and reporting

Our onshore web modules collect all data onboard and formats it into various forms and reports (e.g., emissions reports, charter party reports) for better transparency and compliance. Our solutions include our Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) dashboard which uses our data tools to help you improve your fleet’s CII ratings. Our eLogbook reporting tool enables the digital logging of operational records onboard of vessels.

Key benefits

  • More efficiency, less tedious and error-proof reporting
  • Lower risk of regulatory and stakeholder claims.
  • A common data set for increased transparency, and other value adds.

Key features

  • A common data set for increased transparency, and other value adds
  • C/P notifications. Real-time triggers for underperformance.
  • Speed consumption view to quickly produce performance descriptions & track compliance
  • C/P compliance voyage report generated automatically. Provides independent assessment of voyage C/P performance and claims.
  • Environmental compliance reports, EU-MRV & IMO-DCS.

All products

FOS Emissions

Providing a smart reporting tool that captures all the required data for performance and compliance, including MRV, therefore providing data calculations for EUA. Use Smartlog noon reports to predict output for MRV/DCS compliance. Using one data stream provides consistency and data quality to ensure less hassle in data handling for compliance.

FOS Emissions compliance reporting tool

FOS ready for the emissions trading scheme


Wärtsilä SmartLog is an onboard mobile app that processes the data extracted directly from an ECDIS and connected digital data services. The app streamlines reporting reducing the administrative burden on the crew.

SmartLog onboard mobile app

Tablet with BridgeMate

Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Dashboard

The first step towards managing your fleet’s CII compliance is having full visibility of how each vessel is performing right now. With FOS, you can quickly see which vessels are performing well or at risk of too low ratings, along with the timeline of your fleet’s CII projected progression.

Improve your fleet’s CII ratings

Carbon Intensity Indicator Dashboard on screen

Wärtsilä eLogbook

Our eLogbook system enables the digital logging of operational records onboard of vessels. It is a robust and trustworthy alternative to replace traditional paper logbooks in an audit-proof manner. This way, the company’s Quality Management processes get supported by collecting accurate and complete data sets.

Digital and compliant onboard solution

Wärtsilä eLogbook on screen

Complete voyage control on one screen

FOS brings vessel, manager, operator, and port together on a transparent, collaborative platform to control the whole voyage while fostering safety, awareness, and efficiency. Learn how FOS can take your voyage planning to the next-level – Check out this video.

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