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EU ETS reporting tool

Plans, measures, and reports accurate EUA costs for voyages

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EU ETS reporting and EUA costs made simple

The EU ETS reporting tool estimates the total cost of the voyage and calculates the European Union Allowance (EUA) costs. This helps you comply with regulations and makes your route planning smarter, easier, and faster. The tool generates reports that allow you to allocate the costs accurately to the charterer or shipper.

Use this tool and you can settle the accurate EUA costs with the charterer earlier, without additional paperwork.

The maritime industry is part of the European Union Emission Trading System EU ETS, the world's largest carbon market. EU ETS includes emissions from all ships with a gross tonnage of 5,000 and above that enter EU and EEA ports. EU ETS covers all emissions from voyages within EU and 50% of emissions for in- and outbound EU voyages.


Are you prepared for this significant change? Act today to comply with the new regulations and save money.

Learn the details of a tool that helps you with reporting. Download this handy one-page fact sheet for a quick look at the tool’s capabilities.

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Contact us to schedule a personalised demonstration and learn how this tool could transform your business.

Streamline your voyage compliance reporting

The EU ETS reporting tool is your smart choice for streamlining your compliance processes. It combines data from several sources for EU MRV (monitoring, reporting, and verification) and makes accurate calculations for your EUA reporting. 

Because the EU ETS reporting tool uses Smartlog noon reports,it has the same data that is required for the various compliance schemes. This data is consistent and accurate, and you will not have to handle data manually. The process is therefore convenient and efficient. 

The EU ETS reporting tool can calculate the EUA for past voyages and generate accurate reports. You will be able to allocate costs to the correct stakeholders: charterers or shippers and owners.

The EU ETS reporting tool includes vessel performance modelling. It can therefore simulate EUA for upcoming voyages. You can see how a different schedule or different weather conditions would affect the voyage, and what the resulting costs and emissions would be. You will have better information for decision-making and voyage planning.


Your benefits from the EU ETS reporting tool

Saves time. Because the tool combines nautical data with data from your vessel’s engine room, you will get accurate estimates and budgets. Route planning and reporting become faster.

Reduces anxiety. Because the tool uses accurate data, it produces accurate reports. 

Saves money. The reports are proof of accrued EUA costs and you can allocate the costs accurately. This means that your costs will be covered fairly. The reports will also save you time when settling EUA costs with charterers.

Reduces risks. Accurate reports reduce the risk of being unable to settle the EUA costs with the counterparty.

Simplifies your process. The tool uses several sources of data automatically, so you will not have to handle the data manually. Automatically generated, accurate reports mean that there is less paperwork.

Improves your top line. The data and insight from the EU ETS reporting tool helps you optimise the upcoming voyages, including your vessel emissions and associated costs (EUA).

Better financial planning. The EU ETS reporting tool has been developed using deep expertise in vessel performance modelling. Therefore, its estimates are accurate, and you will be aware of fuel costs and compliance costs.  It will also give a detailed estimate of the accrued EUA costs.

Helps in decision-making. The performance modelling helps you estimate the potential impact of different emissions reduction technologies. Because your investment decisions will be backed by data, they will have better potential to save you money.

How to get started with the EU ETS reporting tool

The EU ETS reporting tool is an optional feature of FOS Fleet Optimisation Solution. This tool helps you comply with regulations and optimise your operations.

Ensure effortless compliance for EU MRV for EU ETS. What's more, the IMO CII calculations will use the same, consistent data. You will have reliable tools for smooth, accurate data handling.

Discover the power of the EU ETS reporting tool today! Unlock the potential cost savings and improved operational efficiency. Contact us to schedule a personalised demonstration and learn how this tool could transform your business.

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