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Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Dashboard

Real-time dashboard helps you master the CII ratings and compliance

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Carbon intensity indicator dashboard for real-time CII ratings

Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) Dashboard is your ultimate ally when you want to maintain and manage the CII ratings of your ship or fleet in real time. The Dashboard lets you track the status of your ship’s or fleet’s compliance with IMO’s regulations, and you can gain competitive edge in the chartering market.

Decarbonisation regulations are ever-changing, and shipping businesses must be able to prove that they are taking the necessary steps to be compliant. There are tools that help calculate and submit a CII rating, but you cannot outperform your competition if you only comply with the regulations.

Instead, you should take advantage of your ship’s data to optimise your ship, its speed, route, and fuel consumption – its whole operation. Accurate data and the right tools help you make informed, smart decisions. You can improve your CII rating also in the short term, which will put you and your fleet in a better position when looking at the 2025 revision.

How the CII dashboard helps you optimise

The CII Dashboard shows you the ship CII ratings in real time, and you can follow the ratings for a whole fleet of vessels. Because you see the real-time ratings, you can detect any compliance risks early on.

The CII Dashboard also shows you which factors have an impact on the CII ratings. It can point out the actions that are needed for the ship to reach its desired CII rating by the end of the year. This helps you make informed, smart decisions on where to optimise.

The CII Dashboard delivers four important benefits

Reduces risk and reduces anxiety. Because the CII ratings are visible in the Dashboard in real time, you can detect any non-compliance risks early on and take corrective action.

Regulatory compliance. Tracking the CII ratings in real time helps ensure that your ship or fleet stays compliant with regulations.

Saves effort. The Dashboard delivers consistent, accurate data and calculations for you to use for environmental reporting.

Helps improve your bottom line. Optimising the ship’s or fleet’s operations for peak performance will help you gain competitive edge. What’s more, your vessels can have a longer lifespan.

How to get started with the CII Dashboard

The CII Dashboard is an optional feature of the Fleet Optimisation Solution (FOS)

It is easy to add it to your current FOS subscription. Please contact us to schedule a personalised demonstration to learn how this tool could transform your business.

If you are not a FOS user yet, your easiest step is to let us know that you are interested.

Designers of the CII Dashboard have used their in-depth expertise and made it into more than a tool. CII Dashboard can be your strategic partner, which can help your ship or fleet operate at peak performance, gaining you competitive edge.

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