Natural gas liquefaction

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Well proven technology with multiple references for natural gas liquefaction

When higher liquefaction capacities are required, typically when liquefying natural gas, Wärtsilä Gas Solutions offers a compact, reliable and energy efficient plant based on the Semi Dual Brayton process. This liquefaction process uses nitrogen as refrigerant and has a multiple stage compressor.

With over 20 years’ experience of manufacturing, delivering to and installing on prepared sites, Wärtsilä provides turnkey plants for upgrading and liquefaction that enable owners to maximize their plants’ full profitability potential. Once installed, our tailored operation and maintenance agreements can support each customer’s specific needs – ensuring maximum uptime.

    Technical data

    • Complete plant delivery, including storage tank and export filling station for trucks
    • Standard capacities: 100 to 300 ton/day
    • Low energy (power) consumption: <0.35 kWh/kg LNG
    • Plant delivered in by Factory Tested (FAT) skids
    • Designed for unmanned operation
    • Built with standard and robust components
    • Availability >98%


    The plant is mainly used in production of LNG to be used as renewable fuel for:

    • Heavy vehicles (buses, trucks, ships etc.)
    • Power production
    • Industrial processes (steel, chemical etc.)

    It is also highly suitable for production of renewable bioLNG, subject to national regulations for green gas certificates.

    Key benefits

    • Well proven technology with multiple references
    • Low power consumption – low OPEX
    • Compact footprint
    • Produces LNG of industrial quality at -160 C
    • Designed with in-house process knowledge, in tight co-operation with suppliers of critical components
    • Designed for unmanned operation
    • Local control of LNG export – truck drivers can load without assistance from main control room
    • Short delivery time

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    Equipment serial number is taken from the equipment nameplate and includes all letters and numbers as given on the equipment nameplate.

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