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Towards a 100% renewable energy future

Towards a 100% renewable energy future

The energy landscape is in transition towards more flexible and sustainable energy systems. We envision a 100% renewable energy future.

Wärtsilä is leading the transition – we understand, design, build and serve optimal power systems for future generations.

Today we are far away from fully renewable energy systems. However, renewables are starting to become the major energy source in many regions, pushing inflexible power generation out of the system. When renewables are not available, engines and energy storage will provide the needed flexibility to balance renewables and secure reliability.

No one person or company alone can change the world overnight. No single, brilliant move will complete the game. It’s something we all need to do together.

Check out our video to see what energy system balancing and optimisation can mean in practice.

Learn more about optimising power systems through modelling and read our white papers here.

Creating your optimal path towards a 100% renewable energy system

We see that the transition to 100% renewable energy systems is set to accelerate at an eye-popping rate. It is no longer a question of if we’ll make the journey, but when we’ll arrive at a decarbonised future.

For most, it’s not about starting from scratch, but understanding where and how to invest to drive future resilience and profit. No matter the region, the shift towards 100% renewable energy systems brings benefit to society – both economically and in terms of the climate. Careful planning of future energy systems will save billions of Euros and drive rapid reduction of Co₂ emissions.

As a leading balancing solutions and service provider, Wärtsilä can support in creating your most optimal power system towards a 100% renewable energy future.

How can regions worldwide reach net zero in the very near future in an economically achievable way?

Our ‘Front-loading Net Zero’ report models cost-optimal pathways to 100% renewable power systems in different markets with vastly different socioeconomic dynamics, distinct energy systems, and challenges to overcome. 

The results show leaders how global energy systems can be transformed to avert the climate crisis and create a blueprint for every country in the world to reach net zero power before 2050, or even 2040, at the lowest cost.

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Explore our latest study

We stand at the precipice of a transformational shift in European electricity systems, as wind and solar become the dominant power source to achieve net zero. However, the transition cannot be delivered by renewables alone.
See our key recommendations for Europe's energy market redesign based on our power system modelling results.

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Energy Transition Talks

The energy transition is real. So, we decided to let the proof points speak for themselves.

In Wärtsilä’s Energy Transition Talks series, we travel around the world virtually, visiting energy transition trailblazers. These industry pioneers are Wärtsilä’s customers and partners. They take you on a journey where you learn how power systems are already moving towards 100% renewable energy future; what the key energy transition milestones are and how new opportunities are turned into feasible projects.
Episode 1  |  Matt Allen, CEO, Pivot Power

In the first Energy Transition Talks episode, we meet Matt Allen, CEO of UK-based battery storage and EV infrastructure developer, Pivot Power.

With his team, Matt is spearheading the development of an underexplored topic; how electric vehicles (EV) can be integrated into the grid. This is where the joint energy storage projects of Pivot Power and Wärtsilä come in; they bring the needed flexibility for the EV infrastructure.

Episode 2  |  Dennis Stansbury, Senior Vice-President, B2Gold

In the second Energy Transition Talks episode, we meet Dennis Stansbury, Senior Vice-President of B2Gold.

"GEMS is basically the quarter-back of the team".

In this video, Sushil Purohit, President of Wärtsilä Energy, speaks to Dennis Stansbury, Senior Vice-President at B2Gold, about how their Fekola Gold Mine, in Mali, West Africa reduced their dependency on expensive fuel, lowered their carbon emissions and optimised their mining operations by using our energy storage and GEMS Digital Energy Platform.

Episode 3  |  Dr Torsten Köhne, CEO, swb Bremen

In the third Energy Transition Talks episode, we meet Dr Torsten Köhne, CEO of swb Bremen the public utility company in Bremen, Germany.

"This new plant will reduce our CO2 emissions by 550 000 tons per year - you would have to plant 40 million trees to get the same effect".

Coal phase-out is imperative in order to fight the climate crisis, and in this video Sushil Purohit, President of Wärtsilä Energy, and Dr. Torsten Köhne, CEO of swb Bremen, discuss how the new combined and heat power CHP plant we are building in partnership with the public utility in Bremen will bring the balance they need between cost efficiency, reliability, availability and climate protection.

Episode 4  |  Aziz Khan, founder and chairman, Summit Group

In the fourth Energy Transition Talks episode, we meet Mr. Aziz Khan, founder and chairman of Summit Group – the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in Bangladesh.

“It has been a great journey of taking care - of both the electricity challenges of Bangladesh, and each other’s company.”

Powered by a strong partnership and shared optimism towards a greener world, moving away from Heavy Fuel Oil towards LNG and flexible engine power plants is a key step needed in Bangladesh’s energy transition, specifically in a country with rapid economic development and highly varied base and peak loads.

Episode 5  |  Markus Brokhof, Chief Operating Officer, AGL Energy

In the fifth Energy Transition Talks episode, we meet Mr. Markus Brokhof, Chief Operating Officer for AGL Energy – Australia’s largest electricity generator.

Through our collaboration with AGL, we are helping the island continent on its journey to decarbonisation by providing balancing technology that supports the increase of renewable generation and a lower overall carbon footprint.


Energy Transition Talks: case Caribbean Islands

With 3.3GW of Wärtsilä installed based in up to 98% of Caribbean Islands, we are no stranger to our market. Our customer base includes utilities, independent power producers focused on tourism market, and other industries. Our company’s global vision resonates in our Caribbean market as we all strive to walk the path towards 100% renewables in a reliable and cost efficient manner. Our solutions prove to be future-proof and flexible to balance the energy systems for our market, driven by an energy increasing demand to cope with the ever growing tourism industry and economic development of the Islands.

In the Caribbean, we see ourselves as more than business partners, as we have worked hand in hand with CARILEC (Caribbean Utilities Association) through many years of support to our Islands facing hurricanes on a yearly basis.  Working with CARILEC brings us together as Islanders to find solutions to our unique situations, and to share best practices and business solutions.

On this series of interviews, we interconnect our high level messaging of renewables integration and future fuels, to our Caribbean market development. The dialogue is moderated by Edmund Phillips, Business Development Manager, and co-hosted by Rodney George, Senior Business Development Manager.

Episode 1

Wärtsilä's President & CEO Håkan Agnevall, and our Business Development experts share their vision for Caribbean.

Episode 2


Drivers for high renewables penetration, emergence of future fuels.

Episode 3

Deep dive into Caribbean, role of flexible generation for balanced grid.

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