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Engineering to order terminal and liquefaction solutions

Over the past decade, mid- and small-scale LNG terminals have become an important and integrated part of the LNG value chain. While large terminals mainly have supplied vaporised natural gas into large grids, the new mid- and small-scale infrastructure has enabled efficient distribution of LNG to regional consumers and satellite terminals – allowing more and smaller consumers access to LNG as an energy source.

Wärtsilä has been a major contributor to this change and a leading player in the development of small-scale terminal infrastructure in the Nordic region. As one of very few companies in the world, we provide systems and equipment for the entire LNG value chain – including liquefaction, transportation, regasification on FSRU’s, LNG storage and distribution on terminals, power production and battery storage. Our deep know-how and vast experience make Wärtsilä an ideal partner and advisor in the development and implementation of mid- to small scale LNG infrastructure, and we can offer support in the engineering, construction, installation, commissioning, operations, maintenance, and lifecycle programs of your terminal systems.

    Technical data

    Terminal main components include:

    • BOG handling
    • Reliquefaction system
    • Regasification system
    • Distribution systems
      - Ship unloading systems
      - Ship bunkering and loading
      - Tank-top modules with in-tank pumps
      - Truck loading
    • Gas and liquid metering systems at high and low pressure
    • Ammonia to hydrogen cracking
    • Plant control systems


    • LNG terminals
    • Ammonia terminals
    • Ammonia liquefaction
    • CO2 handling and liquefaction

    Key benefits

    • Wärtsilä’s deep process know-how enables solutions that are tailored to the customer’s requirements
    • Efficient, smooth, and trouble-free project management 
    • Interface engineering
    • Strong engineering competency throughout all disciplines
    • Procurement including expediting to minimise delays
    • Inspection services to ensure proper compliance
    • Safety engineering
    • Compliance to EN 1473 and other international standards

    Contact our 24/7 customer support at +47 815 48 500. For spare parts, please e-mail us with the equipment serial number or the name of the installation at moss-spares@wartsila.com (Inert Gas Systems) spares.wgs@wartsila.com (all other products)
    For technical support & service, please email us with the equipment serial number or the name of the installation at services.wgs@wartsila.com.
    Equipment serial number is taken from the equipment nameplate and includes all letters and numbers as given on the equipment nameplate.

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