Wärtsilä continues to speed energy transition with biogas upgrading and liquefaction solution for a new bioLNG plant for Sweden

The technology group Wärtsilä will supply a biogas upgrading and liquefaction solution for a new biogas plant in Sweden. The plant will be used to reduce carbon emissions from transport, and to speed the transition to cleaner energy. 

The solution will take biogas from municipal waste and wastewater treatment plants, and upgrade it into usable bioLNG. It will be the first installation of its kind capable of producing both bioLNG and biomethane simultaneously.

Borås Sweden reference

St1 is committed to enhancing the production of sustainable energy and biogas will play an increasingly important role in this. We already operate Wärtsilä’s biogas upgrading in Sweden and are happy to continue cooperation with the new liquefaction project.

Matti Oksanen, Director of St1’s Gas Business