Disclosure Policy

This policy describes Wärtsilä’s operating principles and procedures for communication with capital market representatives. Wärtsilä aims to give all market participants simultaneous, sufficient, and timely access to the information they need so that they can determine the value of Wärtsilä’s financial instruments, such as shares, options and debt instruments, in an informed manner.

As a listed company, Wärtsilä complies with EU regulations, Finnish laws, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd.’s Stock Exchange Rules and Insider Guidelines and the regulations issued by the Finnish Financial Supervision Authority (FSA) and other authorities, as applicable.

The disclosure policy is approved by the Board of Management. It is distributed to all Wärtsilä units globally with the aim of ensuring a broad understanding of Wärtsilä’s disclosure obligations and limitations. The policy is reviewed periodically, and revised as necessary.

Wärtsilä Corporation disclosure policy June 2020