Marine Business

Wärtsilä has a strong position in medium-speed main engines. The largest competitors are the other main suppliers of medium-speed engines, Caterpillar (MAK) and MAN Energy Solutions.
The market for auxiliary engines is fragmented, and competition on price is intensive. In this segment, Wärtsilä’s competitors are MAN Energy Solutions and its licensed manufacturers, HiMSEN engines produced by Hyundai Heavy Industries and high-speed engines.

Energy Business

In large gas-fired projects, Wärtsilä faces competition from gas turbine manufacturers, such as GE and Siemens. When competing against gas turbines, Wärtsilä’s combination of high efficiency, fuel flexibility, and operational flexibility enables better value propositions to many customer projects. In smaller gas power plant projects and in the liquid fuel power plant market, the competitors are mainly other combustion engine suppliers, such as MAN Energy Solutions, INNIO (previously GE Jenbacher), Caterpillar (MAK), and Rolls-Royce. Wärtsilä’s advanced gas and dual-fuel engine technology, optimised modular power plants, superior project management capabilities, and lifecycle services offering have led to Wärtsilä’s market leading position in the gas and liquid fuel combustion engine power plant markets. When looking at energy system integration, software and battery storage systems, the competition comes from companies such as NEC and Tesla, among others.

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