Wärtsilä's Investor Relations policy

The ultimate objective of Wärtsilä's Investor Relations is to produce accurate, sufficient and up-to-date information about the development of Wärtsilä's business operations, strategy, markets and financial position to ensure that the capital markets have relevant information about the company and its shares in order to determine the fair value of Wärtsilä's shares.

To reach this objective Wärtsilä annually publishes two interim reports, a half year financial report, a financial statement bulletin, an annual report and stock exchange releases. Furthermore, Wärtsilä management conducts regular discussions with analysts and investors both in Finland and abroad. The web pages serve as an archive for all current and historical data about factors affecting the value of our shares.

Information on Wärtsilä's prospects and result forecast is published in the Financial Statements Bulletin for the financial year (and repeated also in the Annual Report) and in the interim reports. The prospects are approved by the Board of Directors. Wärtsilä does not publish quarterly result forecasts.

Market estimates
The company will review, upon request by an analyst, his or her earnings model or report only for factual accuracy or information that is in the public domain. Wärtsilä does not comment or take any responsibility for estimates or forecasts published by capital market representatives.

Silent period
Wärtsilä observes a three-week silent period preceding the publication of its results. During this time the company's representatives do not meet with investors or analysts, or comment on the company's financial position.