Corporate Governance

Welcome to Wärtsilä’s Corporate Governance site. These pages are Wärtsilä’s primary Corporate Governance information source. Some data can be found in the annual report but the information on this site is more extensive.

Wärtsilä Corporation complies with the guidelines and provisions of its Articles of Association, the Finnish Limited Liability Companies Act, and the rules and regulations of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. Wärtsilä also applies the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines and complies with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code 2020 (“Code”) issued by the Finnish Securities Market Association. The Code is publicly available on Wärtsilä has not deviated from any of the Code's recommendations.

Full Corporate Governance statement

The Corporate Governance statement contains information on the governance structure of Wärtsilä. This includes information on the governing bodies, as well as the composition and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and the Board of Management. Further included is information regarding remuneration, risk management and control and insider management.

Corporate Governance statements