Why invest in Wärtsilä?

Revenues generated from two end markets and from the services business.

  • Solid demand drivers: increasing transportation needs, growing demand for electricity and service requirements of a growing installed base
  • Exposure to two different end markets with a global spread reduces market risk exposure
  • Wärtsilä has a built a strong position in the services markets and has today the widest network and offering in the industry
  • Services provides stability and offsets the cyclicality of especially the shipping markets
  • Assembly based manufacturing provides flexibility in adjusting capacity to market demand 
  • Synergies gained from shared manufacturing facilities and research & development

Good opportunities for future growth.

  • Environmental regulations provide interesting growth opportunities
    • Scrubber markets
    • Ballast water treatment
  • Growth of gas in the marine and power industries
    • Environmental drivers
    • Economic drivers
  • Smart Power Generation meets the energy market’s need for dynamic and flexible capacity

Solid financial position:

  • Strong balance sheet and focus on profitability
  • Solid dividend payer with a target payout equivalent to 50% of earnings.

Target is to create added value for our stakeholders and offer our investors a competitive return of their investment, by:

  • Growing faster than global GDP
  • Reach an operating profit margin (EBIT%) of 14% at the peak of the cycle and maintain an operating profit margin above 10% at the trough of the cycle
  • Maintaining gearing below 0.5
  • Pay a dividend of at least 50% of earnings over the cycle. 
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