Wärtsilä manages inside information and insiders in accordance with the requirements of the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), the Insider Guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd., and Wärtsilä’s Insider Policy.

Persons discharging managerial duties, i.e. members of Wärtsilä’s Board of Directors and Board of Management, as well as certain other Wärtsilä personnel are prohibited from trading of the Wärtsilä financial instruments 30 days before publication of the financial statements bulletin or interim report.

Persons discharging managerial duties must schedule the trading of Wärtsilä’s financial instruments to the moment when full information on facts and figures influencing the value of these securities is available on the market.

When significant projects are at the preparation stage, the company draws up an insider list for the projects concerned. Insiders are given written notification of their status as insiders and instructions on the obligations that apply to insiders.

Managers’ transactions

Wärtsilä publishes notifications on transactions conducted by persons discharging managerial responsibilities and persons closely associated with them when the transactions reach a threshold of EUR 5,000 (without netting) on a yearly level in accordance with the provisions of the MAR. As of July 3, 2016 Wärtsilä will publish all managers’ transactions by stock exchange release.

Following MAR regulations the insider register tool has not been updated since 2 July 2016.

Latest Managers' transactions releases:
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