Five years in figures

Five years in figures, MEUR
Net sales5,8424,7784,6045,1705,174
of which outside Finland, %99.298.597.998.598.9
Exports from Finland1,9751,8451,7021,9332,145
Personnel on average17,48217,46118,30719,11018,899
of which in Finland3,8083,6873,7063,8683,766
Order book5,9065,8595,0575,8786,166
From the consolidated statement of income
Depreciation, amortisation and impairment263162174180130
Share of result of associates and joint ventures633-913
Comparable operating result325357275457577
as a percentage of net sales, %
Operating result-26314234362543
as a percentage of net sales, %-
Comparable adjusted EBITA349388308498621
as a percentage of net sales, %
Financial income and expenses-6-18-43-47-40
Result before taxes-32296191315502
as a percentage of net sales, %-
Result for the financial period-59193133218386
as a percentage of net sales, %-
From the consolidated statement of financial position
Non-current assets2,5562,5392,4272,5182,369
Current assets3,9973,9823,7063,7973,690
Assets held for sale5429982-
Total equity attributable to equity holders of the parent company2,1352,3152,1772,3962,418
Non-controlling interests128111414
Interest-bearing debt9499731,3271,096823
Non interest-bearing liabilities3,4893,2272,6482,8242,804
Liabilities directly attributable to assets held for sale22-6868
Total equity and liabilities6,6066,5236,2326,3986,059
From the consolidated statement of cash flows
Cash flow from operating activities-62731681232470
Cash flow from investing activities-151-128-55-95-240
Cash flow from financing activities-289-580-44-256-118
Gross capital expenditure161143117122306
as percentage of net sales, %
Research and development expenses241196*153164165
as percentage of net sales, %4.14.1*
Dividends paid153**142118284284
Financial ratios
Earnings per share, basic and diluted (EPS), EUR-0.110.330.230.370.65
Dividend per share, EUR-0.11**
Dividend per earnings, %0.26**73.288.2130.873.7
Interest coverage-234.9**
Return on investment (ROI), %
Return on equity (ROE), %
Solvency ratio, %-2.638.638.140.844.4
Equity per share, EUR3.623.923.684.054.09
Working capital (WCAP), EUR179-100257732581

The financial ratios include assets and liabilities pertaining to assets held for sale.

* Figure in the comparison period 2021 has been restated to reflect a change in the definition of research and development expenditure.    
** Proposal of the Board of Directors

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