Financial targets and achievements

Wärtsilä’s target is to improve its financial performance and create added value for its stakeholders and society. Wärtsilä’s financial goal is to offer investors a competitive return on their investment through profitable growth. Wärtsilä has not defined a time frame for the achievement of these financial targets.

Net sales

  • TARGET:  Our target is to grow faster than global GDP.
  • MEANS TO ACHIEVE THE TARGET:  Focus on strengthening position in strategic growth markets.
  • DEVELOPMENT:  In 2016, Wärtsilä's net sales decreased by 5% to EUR 4,801 million. Wärtsilä's CAGR 2006-2016 was 4.2%.

net sales_2015


  • TARGET:  Our operating profit margin (EBIT%) target is 14% at the peak of the cycle. At the trough of the cycle, our target is to keep the operating profit margin above 10%.
  • MEANS TO ACHIEVE THE TARGET:  Enhanced performance through continuous improvement.
  • DEVELOPMENT:  In 2016, our comparable operating result was EUR 583 million, 12.1% of net sales.


Capital structure

  • TARGET:  Our target is to maintain gearing below 0.50.
  • DEVELOPMENT:  In 2016, our gearing was 0.07.

capital structure_2015


  • TARGET:  Our target is to pay a dividend of at least 50% of earnings over the cycle.
  • DEVELOPMENT:  The Board of Directors proposes that a dividend of 1.30 euro per share be paid for the financial year 2016, which represents 73% of operational earnings.


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