Other IR presentations

In this section you can find Wärtsilä’s presentations from seminars and other events.

5.6.2024Roadshow presentation June 2024 PDF (7.8 MB)
30.5.2024IR Site visit to STH, Vaasa: Introduction 
IR Site visit to STH, Vaasa: R&D 
Vesa Riihimäki
Mikael Wideskog
PDF (4.15 MB)
PDF (5.1 MB)
7.5.2024IR Marine theme call May 2024Roger HolmPDF (4.10 MB)
3.5.2024Roadshow presentation May 2024 PDF (7.90 MB)
5.4.2024Roadshow presentation April 2024 PDF (7.93 MB)
3.4.2024Pre-silent call Q1 2024 materialArjen BerendsPDF (788 KB)
1.3.2024Roadshow presentation March 2024 PDF (7.94 MB)
5.2.2024Roadshow presentation February 2024 PDF (7.92 MB)
3.1.2024Roadshow presentation January 2024 PDF (7.94 MB)
1.12.2023Roadshow presentation December 2023 PDF (7.94 MB)
1.11.2023Roadshow presentation November 2023 PDF (5.92 MB)
3.10.2023Roadshow presentation October 2023 PDF (5.92 MB)
4.9.2023IR R&D theme call presentationJuha KytöläPDF (1.94 KB)
9.8.2023Roadshow presentation August 2023 PDF (5.95 MB)
8.6.2023Roadshow presentation June 2023 PDF (5.91 MB)
6.6.2023IR Site visit: Schiedam, Netherlands-PDF (1.7 MB)
5.6.2023IR Service theme call: Group presentation
IR Service theme call: Marine presentation
IR Service theme call: Energy presentation
Arjen Berends
Roger Holm
Markus Ljungkvist
PDF (4.19 MB)
PDF (8.15 MB)
PDF (6.05 MB)
5.5.2023Roadshow presentation May 2023-PDF (5.91 MB)
31.3.2023Pre-silent call Q1 2023 PDF (755 KB)
6.3.2023Roadshow presentation March 2023-PDF (7.09 MB)
27.2.2023CEO call February 27th AgnevallPDF (356 KB)
10.2.2023Roadshow presentation February 2023-PDF (7.62 MB)
10.1.2023Roadshow presentation January 2023-PDF (7.45 MB)


7.12.2022Roadshow presentation December 2022-PDF (7.36 MB)
28.10.2022Roadshow presentation November 2022-PDF (7.35 MB)
30.9.2022Roadshow presentation September 2022-PDF (5.09 MB)
23.8.2022Roadshow presentation August 2022-PDF (5.68 MB)
20.6.2022Pre-silent call Q2 2022BerendsPDF (1.37 MB)
8.6.2022Roadshow presentation June 2022-PDF (4.06 MB)
31.5.2022STH opening presentationAgnevall, Holm, Fernback, PurohitPDF (3.46 MB)
20.5.2022Q2 2022 Mid-quarter messagesAgnevallPDF (370 KB)
23.3.2022Roadshow presentation March 2022-PDF (3.66 MB)
8.3.2022Carnegie Capital Goods SeminarHeikkinenPDF (5.40 MB)
25.2.2022Sustainability call for investorsAgnevall, Hietanen, VainikkaPDF (6.07 MB)


30.11.2021Roadshow presentation November 2021-PDF (3.54 MB)
14.6.2021Presentation material from Energy storage Seminar by OPFradaPDF (4.35 MB)

11.12.2020Presentation material from Hydrogen Seminar by CarnegieKytöläPDF (5.53 MB)
02.12.2020Presentation material from Copenhagen Winter Seminar by Danske BankBerends PDF (2.66 MB) 
25.11.2020Presentation material from Sustainability Trends Webinar by HandelsbankenHietanen PDF (5.16 MB)
01.10.2020Presentation material from Power to X Seminar by OP Markets 
(Please note that some of the slides are in Finnish)
RautkiviPDF (1.82 MB)

05.11.2019Presentation material from Baird Global Industrial Conference ValtasaariPDF (1.74 MB)
30.09.2019Presentation material from Danske Bank Blue Chip ConferenceBerendsPDF (1.07 MB)
24.09.2019Presentation material at investor visit to CWEC, Shanghai, ChinaNylundPDF (2.83 MB)
14.06.2019Presentation at J.P Morgan European Capital Goods CEO Conference in London Eskola                  PDF (1.67 MB)
07.06.2019Presentation material at investor visit to Transas in the UKWagstaffPDF (3.19 MB)

03.12.2018Presentation at Carnegie's Smart Shipping seminar in HelsinkiHolmPDF (11.74 MB)
11.09.2018Presentation at Handelsbanken's Nordic Large Cap seminar 2018 in StockholmEskolaPDF (1.74 MB)
18.06.2018Presentation at Nordea's breakfast seminar in HelsinkiCavadaPDF (1.06 MB)
19.03.2018Press presentation about the acquisition of Transas
HolmPDF (3.99 MB)
14.03.2018Presentation at Carnegie Nordic Capital Goods Seminar in Stockholm
WirénPDF (1.95 MB)
09.11.2017Presentation at Baird's 2017 Global Industrial Conference in Chicago
ValtasaariPDF (1.94 MB)
20.09.2017Presentation at Handelsbanken's Nordic Large Cap seminar 2017in Stockholm
EskolaPDF (1.48 MB)
16.06.2017Presentation at J.P. Morgan European Capital Goods CEO Conference in London
EskolaPDF (1.92 MB)
31.05.2017Presentation at Danske Bank Navigating the Nordics Seminar in StockholmValtasaariPDF (2.59 MB)
22.03.2017Presentation at BAML Conference in LondonEskolaPDF (2.47 MB)
14.09.2016Presentation at Kepler Cheuvreux Autumn Conference in ParisWirénPDF (1.62 MB)
09.06.2016Presentation at J.P. Morgan Cazenove European Capital Goods CEO Conference in LondonEskolaPDF (1.91 MB)
25.05.2016Presentation at ABGSC Engineering Vision Seminar in StockholmWirénPDF (1.77 MB)
18.03.2016Presentation at BAML Conference in LondonEskolaPDF (2.80 MB)
01.03.2016Presentation at Digitalisation Seminar by Carnegie in HelsinkiBarbonePDF (5.50 MB)
23.09.2015Presentation at China site visit in Shanghai PDF (6.35 MB)
16.09.2015Presentation at Handelsbanken Nordic Large Cap Seminar in StockholmRosengrenPDF (3.50 MB)
28.08.2015Presentation at SEB Finnish Blue Chip Seminar in HelsinkiWirénPDF (2.87 MB)
26.08.2015Presentation at Danske Bank Aftermarket Services Seminar in HelsinkiBarbonePDF (1.99 MB)
12.06.2015Presentation at JP Morgan Capital Goods Conference in LondonRosengrenPDF (3.38 MB)
27.05.2015Presentation at ABG Engineering Vision Seminar in StockholmWirénPDF (2.84 MB)
19.03.2015Presentation at BAML Global Industrials Conference in LondonRosengrenPDF (1.37 MB)
16.12.2014Presentation on the acquisition of L-3 Marine Systems International PDF (1.49 MB)
03.09.2014Presentation at Blue Chip seminar in HelsinkiWirénPDF (2.46 MB)
12.06.2014Presentation at JP Morgan Capital Goods ConferenceRosengrenPDF (2.88 MB)
10.06.2014Presentation at Navigating the Nordics SeminarWirénPDF (2.46 MB)
18.03.2014Presentation at BAML Global Industrials ConferenceRosengrenPDF (2.29 MB)
04.03.2014Presentation at Shipping event by Danske BankEskolaPDF (2.15 MB)
25.09.2013Presentation at Spotlight on Finland Seminar in HelsinkiRiihimäkiPDF (1.61 MB)
03.09.2013Presentation at SEB Blue Chip Seminar in HelsinkiRiihimäkiPDF (1.61 MB)
26.08.2013Presentation at site visit in CDC KampenVitzthumPDF (1.84 MB)
11.06.2013Presentation Scrubber, Ballast Water Seminar by DnBJenssenPDF (2.07 MB)
06.06.2013Presentation at Danske Bank Services Operations SeminarVitzthumPDF (1.27 MB)
04.06.2013Presentation for investor group in ShanghaiHanPDF (3.54 MB)
27.05.2013Presentation for investor group in ShanghaiWiik & VirkkiPDF (3.86 MB)
Dec. 2012Presentation for investor group at PowerGen in OrlandoElmorePDF (7.38 MB)
26.11.2012Presentation for investor group in Rio de JaneiroCamposPDF (5.47 MB)
23.11.2012Presentation at Handelsbanken Marine & Crane seminarEskolaPDF (816.02 KB)
21.11.2012Presentation at Nordea Finnish Large Cap SummitLindPDF (1.03 MB)
16.11.2012Presentation for investor group in SingaporeFilanciaPDF (4.85 MB)
13.09.2012Presentation at ABGSC Spotlight on Finland SeminarRiihimäkiPDF (3.94 MB)
10.09.2012Presentation at Handelsbanken Large Cap SeminarRosengrenPDF (2.47 MB)
28.08.2012Presentation at SEB Blue Chip SeminarLindPDF (2.97 MB)
25.06.2012Presentation at Investor field trip to IndiaSarinPDF (12.22 MB)
13.06.2012Presentation at Gas & Electricity Production Seminar in HelsinkiRiihimäkiPDF (16.22 MB)
01.06.2012Presentation at Investor field trip to IndiaSarinPDF (19.10 MB)
22.11.2011Presentation on Recommended cash offer by Wärtsilä for HamworthyRosengren & EskolaPDF (7.56 MB)
10.11.2011Presentation at Handelsbanken Crane & Marine SeminarKoponenPDF (438.54 KB)
09.11.2011Presentation at Investor field trip to IndiaSarinPDF (4.78 MB)
07.11.2011Presentation at Investor field trip to ChinaKoponenPDF (1.49 MB)
22.09.2011Presentation at Citi Global Industrials ConferenceRiihimäkiPDF (2.90 MB)
12.09.2011Presentation at Handelsbanken's Nordic Large Cap SeminarVitzthumPDF (2.08 MB)
21.09.2011Presentation at Investor field trip to ShanghaiKoponenPDF (1.15 MB)
Aug.2011Presentation at Investor field trip to ShanghaiEskola & HanPDF (2.12 MB)
19.05.2011Presentation at UBS Pan European Small & Midcap ConferenceLindPDF (1.25 MB)
23.03.2011Presentation at Finnish Capital Goods Conference in LondonJohanssonPDF (1.10 MB)
22.03.2011Presentation at Nordic Industrials Seminar in StockholmLindPDF (1.10 MB)
 Presentation on exhaust gas cleaning PDF (893.54 KB)