Dividend policy

Wärtsilä's target is to pay a dividend of at least 50% of operational earnings over the cycle.

Record and payment dates for Wärtsilä's second dividend instalment for the financial period 2019

The Annual General Meeting of Wärtsilä Corporation held on 5 March 2020 resolved on a dividend payment of EUR 0.48 per share in two instalments for the financial period that ended on 31 December 2019. The first dividend instalment of EUR 0.24 per share was paid in March 2020. The second instalment of EUR 0.24 per share was resolved to be paid in September 2020.

In its meeting on 8 September 2020, the Board of Directors of Wärtsilä Corporation decided on the record date and payment date of the second dividend instalment, based on the authorisation given by the Annual General Meeting. The dividend was paid to shareholders who were registered in the list of shareholders maintained by Euroclear Finland Ltd on the dividend record day 10 September 2020. The dividend payment was made on 17 September 2020.

Dividend history

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