Biokraft LBG reference

Biokraft LBG, Skogn (Norway)

With a capacity of 25 tonnes of liquid biogas per day it is the biggest in the Nordic countries. It is a game-changer in the biogas fuel market, said Øystein Ihler, Development Director of Climate and Energy Programme for the City of Oslo.

The biogas plant is being built adjacent to a paper mill and the LBG unit will convert the cleaned biogas from fishery waste and residual paper mill slurry into liquid fuel. The liquid will be cooled to minus 160°C and stored in insulated tanks. Having the biogas as a cryogenic liquid, rather than as compressed gas makes it a viable fuel for heavy vehicles since sufficient energy can be stored onboard.

Wärtsilä is very pleased to deliver a compact solution featuring proven technology that has been adapted to the needs of the customer. The system offers low operating costs and is energy efficient with a minimal environmental footprint and enables profitable projects for smaller gas streams.

We expect strong demand in a fast-growing market for liquefied biogas fuel. Wärtsilä’s biogas liquefaction solution represents an important step forward in realizing this potential. The fuel can now be produced economically and sustainably, which were key factors in the award of this contract.

Håvard Wollan, CEO of Biokraft A/S