Medium RoPax/RoRo vessels

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Solutions for medium RoPax/RoRo vessels

Medium RoPax vessels are those between 10,000 and 30,000 gt and their propulsion power requirements are similar to that of comparable freight RoRo vessels, but there is a considerable increase in the hotel load needed. 4-stroke medium-speed engines feature in all but the smallest ships, where a high-speed engine may be used. LNG and dual-fuel engines have made considerable inroads into RoPax vessels in almost every size bracket as they offer an instant reduction in carbon emissions even when burning fossil-based fuels.

Key considerations for double ended RoPax vessels

  • Operation profile with a fixed timetable and many port calls requiring efficient manoeuvring capabilities.
  • Possibility for substantial use of green energy by shore charging during port stays.
  • Reliable operation with no disturbance in vessel’s timetable.
  • Vessels are sailing on short routes, typically in restricted waters such as channels, emission control areas and in urban areas, meaning they require a reliable and fuel-efficient propulsion system with effective steering and manoeuvring capabilities.
  • Operation with zero emission in ports and partly during sailing, pending route length and amount of electric energy charged during port stay.
  • Prepared for future low/zero emission fuels.
  • Green operation/image of the vessel - passenger perception.
  • Low onboard vibration- and noise levels for high passenger comfort.

      A building block approach

      Reducing emissions and increasing operational flexibility are the main drivers behind the proposed propulsion system for larger Ropax vessels. It is based on a highly adaptable, modular propulsion concept that can be customised through a data-driven design process and offers advanced system functionalities that help you to address variable operation conditions.

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        Typical system operational modes

        Medium RoPax - system operational modes

        Normal sailing and manoeuvring
        Low speed sailing
        Boost mode
        Green mode
        At port ramp on genset
        At port ramp in green mode
        At port resting

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