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Ferries have a huge role to play in meeting the growing demand for environmentally sustainable transport options. Their dramatically different vessel sizes, configurations and profiles require different approaches to decarbonisation. One approach would be to adopt or retrofit fuel-flexible ferry engines to be able to use alternative, low-emission fuels. Other options include implementing a shore power connection, choosing a hybrid solution, or setting up integrated efficiency technologies onboard.

Choose your vessel type and learn more about the most suitable solutions.

Customer insights on sustainable ferry operations

The ferry sector is spearheading whole marine industry’s journey towards zero-carbon operations. Discover the valuable insight from four forward-thinking professionals from the sector.

How to achieve successful decarbonisation

Robert Clifford, Founder and Chairman of Incat Group offers a simple solution for successful decarbonisation of ferry lines – but for one missing link. What is it?


Solving the decarbonisation challenge

Roberto Prever, CEO, NAOS Boat & Ship Design on the challenge of decarbonisation. Which fuel does he bring up and what does he say about it? What is his simple advice to owners at the end?


Achieving sustainable ferry operations

Christer Bruzelius, Senior Partner, Gotland Tech Development on the challenge to achieve sustainable ferry operations. He mentions something that may be surprisingly easy – and something that is going to be difficult for certain. What are his views on how to solve the challenge?


The biggest challenge facing ferry lines

Luke Pretlove, Technical Manager, Austal on the biggest challenge facing ferry lines today. What does he mention as the hardest thing for yards and operators? And what advice does he give to operators and owners?

  • Profitable, decarbonised ferry operations
    Discover the route to profitable, decarbonised ferry operations

    Check this webinar! Industry experts share their insight on how ferry operations can be decarbonised profitably.

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White paper: The route to profitable decarbonisation

Complement the webinar with an extensive white paper

Download this paper and learn how to meet the challenges that the diverse ferry industry has on its route towards zero-carbon operations. Insights and practical guidance for the ferry segment, complete with an in-depth look at individual vessel types.

Ferry engines and waterjets for newbuilds

Choose from a wide range of Wärtsilä engines – Wärtsilä 31DF, Wärtsilä 46TS-DF or Wärtsilä 32 methanol engine, for example – and you will get the features and capabilities that are the right fit for your ferry. All Wärtsilä engines have been designed for easy maintenance and to offer low lifecycle cost. They are ready for hybrid solutions and easy to upgrade to run on alternative fuels.

Wärtsilä also offers medium-size and modular waterjets suitable for high-speed ferries. The portfolio features units from 500 kW at the low end of the scale up to units with around 10 MW for large RoPax fast ferries.

Wärtsilä Methanol engine

Upgrades and retrofits for decarbonised ferry operations

Choose an engine conversion package that will make your ferry ready for alternative future fuels: methanol conversion, LNG conversion for 4-stroke engines or LNG conversion for 2-stroke engines. Fuel supply packages are also available, MethanolPac for methanol, and LNGPac for LNG.

Adopt propulsion energy saving technology from Wärtsilä. Your ferry will save fuel thanks to its improved efficiency. This will also help comply to environmental regulations.

Wärtsilä service employees

Lifecycle services in the ferry business

A Lifecycle Agreement with Wärtsilä can deliver you true peace of mind. Benefit from AI-powered solutions and predictive analyses together with expert knowledge. You can rest assured that your ferry will perform optimally and sustainably.

The scope of agreements can be tailored to fit your needs, to cover anything from ferry engines and power trains to propulsion solutions, fuel supply systems, and emission abatement technologies.

Wärtsilä employees

Ferry fireside chat series

The Ferry fireside chats are analytical discussions on the issues raised in the ferry industry and in-depth updates on the future of ferry operations. These are insights gathered from the industry’s thought leaders who will help uncover the challenges, deep dive into the solutions available and find the route towards a zero-carbon future. All episodes hosted by Gina Panayiotou.

  • 3D drawing container ship on water
    How to be smarter about EU emissions reporting for your ship

    A handy tool that helps you plan, measure and report EUA costs. Accurately and easily!

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Important insights

Discover these hand-picked articles to learn about the many solutions for decarbonised and profitable ferry operations.

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Customer stories from the ferry industry

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Ferry engine and propulsion solutions from a single source

Choose Wärtsilä with its extensive portfolio of technologies and services. You will enjoy the following benefits, for example:

  • A single point of contact and single responsibility
  • Reduced risk of incompatibilities
  • Time savings in design and engineering
  • Simpler procurement procedures with lower timing and supply risks
  • Fewer project participants enables faster decision making and fewer coordination difficulties
  • Co-engineering with the yard’s design department
  • On-site support during installation and commissioning

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