Nearly 40 percent of the world’s population - 2.4 billion people – now live within 100 km of the coast - combine this with the focus from ports, cities, society, governments and regulatory bodies on emissions and environmentally sustainable transport options and it’s clear to see the need to invest in ferries to meet future demand and requirements.  This is creating exciting new opportunities in the ferry industry and is increasing the speed of innovation with a focus on new technologies that can deliver efficient business solutions, while lowering emissions across all ferry types.

Wartsila is committed to collaborating with ferry operators and owners to deliver the solutions needed to meet this growing demand as efficiently as possible.  Through our advanced technology and 185 years of industry expertise, our solutions provide improved safety for passengers and crew; predictive analytics for increased productivity and return on investment; and route optimization for fuel savings and reduced environmental impact.

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Understanding the needs of ferry operators is central to Wärtsilä’s approach in providing solutions that achieve outstanding levels of efficiency, safety, reliability and environmental compliance”
Business White Paper - Hybrid propulsion is part of the future for RoPax ferries

Business White Paper: Hybrid propulsion, the future for RoPax ferries

Green is undoubtedly the colour concept most dominating today’s shipping industry, and nowhere is this more true than in the ferry sector. Environmental considerations are, along with the need to optimize operational efficiency, high on the agenda of ferry operators around the world.

Hybrid systems are being featured more and more on a variety of vessel types, but are particularly relevant to ferries since they are more likely to be operating within areas covered by strict environmental regulations.

Download this white paper to get a better understanding of how to select the most appropriate power system configuration for your RoPax or RoRo ferry, not only for today, but for tomorrow as well.


Commuter ferries

Commuters are leading the way in this transport shift to the waterways. Safety, enhanced productivity, new fuels and fuel efficiencies, are the cornerstone of our approach to delivering sustainable solutions for passengers, crews, ferry owners, and the environment.   

The market is changing. If you’re running a thriving ferry business, you need to adapt for the future. Wärtsilä partnerships span the entire 40-50-year lifecycle of your vessel; ensuring that you build the right vessel, integrate the most adaptable technologies and systems, have future fuel options, maintain the highest-standards of operations, and secure a sustainable, profitable, long-term maintenance plan.

Our comprehensive offering for commuter ferries can provide customers with an optimised ship design, superb system engineering, and a fully integrated scope of equipment.  A Wärtsilä project manager can be your single point of contact.  He/she will be responsible for streamlining our engineering, the systems integration, and all procedures throughout the design, building, and commissioning of the vessel.

We replace complexity with stability.

  • Our solutions for Commuter ferries

Ro-Pax ferries

Wärtsilä’s unique position as a single-source provider of products, systems, and services to the ferry industry provides a host of benefits to both owners and shipbuilders. Our products and solutions for RoPax vessels are made to fit specific customer requirements and are aimed at providing reliable ferry services.  We supply a range of highly efficient systems, including Wärtsilä’s comprehensive portfolio of main and auxiliary engines, gears, pro­pellers, waterjets and thrusters.

Wärtsilä’s well-proven dual-fuel technology and world-class LNG handling systems are integral to satisfying the ferry industry’s demand for a new generation of low-emissions Ro-Pax vessels powered by natural gas.

Additionally, Wartsila’s extensive offering also consists of (dual fuel-) electric propulsion systems, power generation and distribution systems, navigation, automation and communication systems, dynamic positioning, safety and security solutions as well as entertainment systems. Finally, our environmental solutions, which include exhaust gas cleaning and ballast water management systems, waste-, oil-, and fresh water products, environmental seals, and bearing systems, are making a meaningful contribution to achieving a sustainable ferry industry.
  • Our solutions for Ro-Pax Ferries

Economy and Environmental Compliance

    Sustainable ferries

    We improve the sustainability of ferries using proven or innovative systems, and a host of environmental services. We are tackling the challenge of boosting energy efficiency, and are actively finding new ways to reduce emissions. Being an agile technology leader and eager to promote environmentally sound practices, Wärtsilä is pro-active in going beyond environmental regulations.

    As environmental regulations continue to evolve, ensuring that effluent is clean and safe is a growing priority. With over 35 years of experience in marine sanitation, Wärtsilä offers innovative solutions that meet all existing and anticipated standards.

    Ferries and the environment
    Reducing emissions to air

    We offer a range for achieving SOX and NOX emission reductions. These include multi-fuel engines capable of operating on marine diesel, LNG, bio-fuels and even methanol.

    Wärtsilä’s exhaust gas cleaning technology is an economical and environmentally friendly solution for tackling all existing and future SOX emission regulations. It provides a flexible and reliable means for cleaning the exhaust and ensuring global compliance.

    The Wärtsilä NOX Reducer utilizes the company’s validated and reliable Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for 4-stroke engines. All Wärtsilä systems meet the IMO Tier III requirements for NOX abatement.

    Water treatment

    Wärtsilä’s waste water processing offer a cost-effective and safe means to avoid discharging waste water to the sea. Our sewage treatment plants are certified to meet IMO MEPC 227(64) guidelines, and are optimised for the treatment of black and grey wastewater flows.

    The Wärtsilä Aquarius® Ballast Water Management System range comprises two product series developed to enable our customers to meet their global ballast water discharge regulatory obligations. Both technical solutions have achieved IMO type approval status and have been AMS accepted by the USCG.

    In addition we supply Vacuum System Technology, Fresh Water Generation and Oily Water Systems, all aiming to preserve the quality of the world’s oceans.

    High voltage shore connection systems

    Increasing pressures on ship operators and port authorities to minimise the impact of air pollution and noise emissions by way of meeting strict environmental regulations are now a worldwide concern.

    One particular solution for reducing emissions during port docking is the use of high voltage on-shore power supply systems (HVSC). Wärtsilä has a series of modular HVSC systems provide in-harbour electrical power without the use of auxiliary engines. As a result this solution will enable the vessel to meet upcoming strict clean air regulations (for example, California, USA) when berthed at terminals, without generating harmful noise and air pollutants caused by active diesel engines.

    Water lubricated tail shaft solutions

    Wärtsilä has been the leading supplier for shaft line solutions for over a century, providing not only excellence, but also reliability and knowhow. We have always been on the front end of environmental sustainability ensuring the best solutions for our customers, offering both standardised and bespoke designs.

    Our broad selection of advanced shaft line products are economically sound solutions that are fully compliant with all present and upcoming environmental regulation standards, including the 2013 US EPA Vessel General Permit. The installation of Wärtsilä’s open water lubricated package eliminates all risks of pollution and reduces costs by extending the operational life of the seals and bearings. Our water lubricated solutions ensure continuous and smooth operation of your tail shaft equipment, but also the environmental compliance of your vessel. Whatever the requirement, Wärtsilä can provide a solution.

    Our priority is discharge reduction, and we can ensure the safe discharge of everything; from exhaust gases to oil, waste and ballast water”

    fuel-efficient and sustainable -
    the Wärtsilä 14
    highspeed engine

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    Wärtsilä’s unique position as a single-source provider of products, systems, and solutions to the ferry industry provides a host of benefits.
    • A single point of contact and single responsibility
    • Reduced risk of incompatibilities
    • Time savings in design and engineering
    • Simpler procurement procedures with lower timing and supply risks
    • Fewer project participants enables faster decision making and fewer coordination difficulties
    • Co-engineering with the yard’s design department
    • On-site support during installation and commissioning
    We ensure our customers are compliant everywhere they need to be"


    Lifecycle Solutions

    We follow our customers’ projects throughout their lifecycle. Through early involvement and long-term commitment, we strive to provide leading-edge solutions. With us as your service partner, you receive a host of measurable benefits, such as availability and performance, productivity gains, and cost efficiency. Above all, we supply peace of mind through the knowledge that your installation is being serviced by the most experienced partner you could have.

    Supporting the lifecycle of a vessel
    • Complete power and propulsion systems, and integrated solutions from environmental seals to bridge controls, all of which are tailored to your operational needs
    • Unnoticeable noise and vibration, achieved through a combination of engineering expertise and years of experience
    • Total service packages covering start-ups, installations, engineering work, maintenance, repairs, and more
    • Service points around the globe and remote monitoring around the clock
    We work hard to understand the needs of our ferry sector customers.”
    We provide real value for our customers.”

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