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Episode 1: Geographical view

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Geographical view - a globally diverse vessel segment

The factors shaping the vast and diverse global ferry industry vary considerably between regions, meaning there is no single solution to decarbonising the sector. In our global view chapter we present an overview of the global ferry fleet before taking a closer look at the situation in Europe, Asia-Pacific including Australasia, and the Americas.

The chapter discusses how Europe has been driving the IMO’s decarbonisation programme and presents real-world examples of how leading European operators are reacting to the drive to decarbonise through the increasing adoption of hybrid technologies and LNG. 


In Asia-Pacific we look at how different countries are approaching fleet modification with decarbonsation in mind and look at how governments and port authorities across the region are supporting these efforts.  

Lastly, in the Americas we take a look at the varying attitudes towards decarbonisation and emissions in general and how operators in, for example, Canada and Argentina are approaching the issue.

The route to profitable decarbonisation

Insights and practical guidance for the ferry segment

This white paper takes a deep dive into the challenges facing this hugely diverse industry as it plots a path towards zero-carbon operations. It provides an overview of the current state of play in the industry, a comprehensive review of its geographical nuances and an in-depth look at individual vessel types.

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