Efficiency measures and improving CII ratings
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Episode 6: Improving CII ratings

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Efficiency measures and improving ferries’ CII ratings

With the IMO’s CII regulations now in force, the ferry industry is well placed at the forefront of technological and operational change. But with the regulations getting stricter every year, there’s no room for complacency.

From hull cleaning and optimised maintenance planning to energy saving technologies like air lubrication systems and optimised propeller designs, there are plenty of options available to improve the fuel efficiency of your fleet. To maximise impact on your vessel’s CII it is usually best to combine two or more efficiency measures. But how do you choose?

Beyond acting as a driver for technological innovation and new solutions, the CII regulations will also affect the ferry industry in other ways. Now that the targets are set in stone, CII should make investment decisions easier and help in discussions with ports regarding the provision of shore power connection, to give just two examples.



Tune in to hear insights from Roel Hoenders, Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency at the IMO and Giampiero De Cubellis, Director of Project Sales at Wärtsilä as they discuss all these topics and more.

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