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Optimise lifecycle operations of two-stroke engines

The shipping industry has entered a new era of decarbonisation and digitalisation. At the same time, there is increasing pressure to improve efficiency, emissions, safety and reliability - all while adopting new technologies and complying with new regulations. Challenging times require strong partners. Only a combination of high-quality products and solutions, technical expertise, and innovative technologies can guarantee optimal lifecycle performance for your engines. Selecting a reliable partner with best-in-class expertise is critical to ensuring the success and competitiveness of your business.

Long-term partnership with WinGD

Wärtsilä 2-Stroke Engine Services is Winterthur Gas & Diesel’s long-term services partner and global service provider for all WinGD, Wärtsilä and Sulzer branded two-stroke low-speed engines. This is a strong, long-term partnership providing the best main propulsion power technology and lifecycle services to the shipping industry.

Why Wärtsilä 2-Stroke Engine Services

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2-Stroke retrofit solutions - get your fleet fit with Wärtsilä

CII means every merchant fleet must become more energy efficient. Turning out-of-shape middle-aged hulks into agile, high-performing vessels.

Wärtsilä is well positioned to be your coach on this journey. With the best future proof technology. And a ‘give and take’ consultative approach to fit the best solutions with your fleet & goals. The heart of our offer is to get fit through retrofit. Upgrade existing 2-Stroke engines to be up to 15% more fuel and emissions efficient.

Then you are ready to convert to new fuels, when the time is right. We bring the technology, tools and experts to reach your goals.

Main engine fitness is the best first step

Our engine retrofit solutions get your vessel fit for the future:

  • Leaner (reduced engine bore size)
  • Power (efficiency of propulsion)
  • Health (emissions, servicing & fuel costs, longer life)


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