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Competence and learning are key to success in any business. The Wärtsilä Land and Sea Academy (WLSA) provides high-quality training services for the marine and energy markets, ensuring that your personnel have a strong knowledge of how to manage your assets. Our global training solutions cover all aspects of managing and operating your installation, including maintenance, safety, availability, reliability and performance. The courses and programmes are delivered in the way that works best for your organisation – whether that’s on board, on site, in training centre or online.

Training and competence management have been a vital part of our operations for decades. We support you in assessing, developing and managing your staff’s competences to help you achieve your goals. With products becoming more sophisticated and competent personnel harder to find, training is playing an increasingly important role for operators in both the marine and energy industries.
As our ships must stay operational 24/7, it is extremely important that the crews can master the system. After the training we have been able to operate the system by ourselves. I would recommend this type of training session for other customers with similar needs.
Kari Pihlajaniemi, Director and Head of Saint Nazaire Innovation & Technology Center, Royal Caribbean Cruises

What you get with Wärtsilä’s training services:

Learning from experts

Learning from the experts

Access to knowledge

Easy access to knowledge


Training that combines theory and practice

Hands-on learning

Hands-on learning with real equipment and realistic simulators

Training delivered

Training delivered on board, on site, in training centre or online

Monitor the competence

Assessment to monitor the competence levels of your staff before and after the training

Complete career and competence

Complete career and competence management systems that are tailored for your needs

Reach your true potential

Training Solutions

In addition to our standard courses, WLSA offers fully tailored training solutions to meet your specific competence development needs, with customised solutions related to career and competence management systems, assessment services and competence development programmes. We use a spectrum of methods including e-learning, classroom teaching, practical training, on-the-job training and simulated environments. The training also makes use of first-rate learning aids, with real equipment and components, 3D models and simulators.

Product Training

We provide exclusive training for Wärtsilä products, with a choice of standard or tailored courses incorporating both theoretical and practical learning. Our training programmes are focused on improving awareness of the equipment’s operation and maintenance principles. Safety concerns related to operation and maintenance are also important elements of all our product training courses.

WLSA course catalogue

Browse our interactive training catalogue by product segment or theme to find your perfect course, where it’s being arranged and the contact details for the training centre.

Open Courses

Whether you’re a small group searching for training opportunities or an individual looking to improve your skills, these courses are open to anyone who operates Wärtsilä equipment. Training from our experienced instructors is either virtual or face-to-face and will include participants from multiple companies. For more information or to book your place, please contact the appropriate training centre directly. 

Introduction to Open Courses

A Day of Virtual Training

Live Training Broadcast


Wärtsilä Land & Sea Academy currently has operations in nine countries, with a number of permanent instructors, a dedicated development team and a support team to assist you throughout the process.

WLSA Training Centres




Get your cruise crews ready to set sail again with our Engine and Auxiliaries Reactivation Course

After a tough 2020 with cruise fleets confined to ports there is finally light at the end of the tunnel, but reactivating engines and auxiliaries requires thorough preparation. 

The Wärtsilä Land & Sea Academy Engine and auxiliaries reactivation course provides refresher training on the necessary competences and skills needed to reactivate a vessel’s power plant safely, reliably and cost effectively.

The 15-hour virtual training course is suitable for any crew members that need to refresh their knowledge of engine-specific technology, recommended inspections, maintenance plans and spare-part management.

Book your course here (a link to the training calendar) or contact us to find out more at info.training@wartsila.com 
Wartsila engines & auxiliaries re-activation

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s about learning from the professionals and their experiences; a practical course learning theory while doing hands-on.
Daniel Knight, First Engineer, Carnival Cruises

Downloads and links

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Wärtsilä virtual training leaflet


What does good training look like?

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