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Wärtsilä Fit4Power – Radical derating

Main engine fitness with radical derating

Radical derating of the 2-stroke engine is an innovation from Wärtsilä. We call this Wärtsilä Fit4Power.

Our experienced service teams optimize the engine power by significantly reducing the engine bore size. Improving engine efficiency by up to 15% or more. Extending an average ship’s CII compliance by 3-5 years. Offering breathing space until uncertainties in fuel availability and cost resolve.

When it is time to convert, the engine efficiency carries over. Making new fuels more economic. All of which makes this the ideal first step in your decarbonization journey.

With Fit4Power, you get the following benefits

Improved fuel efficiency


Reduced servicing costs

Time for fuel choice to resolve

Extend profitable vessel lifetime

Reduced fuel costs

Compliant with CII for longer

Future fuels less expensive/mile

Watch this video and learn the smart steps into the future with Retrofit. You can meet CII regulations and make more of what you have today.

Why Fit4Power from Wärtsilä

Nobody else offers this service. Radical derating is a retrofit that is only possible because of Wärtsilä’s unrivalled engineering expertise in two-stroke engines. It leverages our global footprint, field service team, project management and parts supplier relationships. We have the expertise to coordinate re-certification. And to advise you on the right decarbonization journey for your vessels and strategy.

Potential savings annually*

2.18 million €

In operational expenses

  • Based on fuel cost of €700/ton
  • Carbon levy of €100/ton
  • Parts savings €0.14M/year
2000** tons

Of fuels

6400 tons

In CO2 emission reduction

*Your voyage profile may vary
Savings include those from auxiliary blowers

Derating your 2-stroke engines can reduce emissions

Power derating your 2-stroke engines is one way to reduce your emissions. You will find 49 more ways in a fascinating eBook “50 great ways the maritime industry could cut its greenhouse gas emissions”. Learn more:

Download the eBook now!

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