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The cruise sector must avoid the risk of failures that can disrupt operations and play havoc with schedules. Wärtsilä’s integrated solutions provide reliability, as well as safety for the vessel, its passengers and its crew. Wärtsilä is also committed to minimising the environmental footprint of its customers’ vessels. The aim is always to go beyond mere compliance with the regulations, and to set new standards in sustainability. 

Operational efficiency and the smooth running of the ship’s machinery and systems is critical to creating a positive passenger experience. To support this critical objective Wärtsilä offers asset performance based agreements that ensure efficiency and reduced operating costs.

Wärtsilä sustainable solutions for two new cruise ships

The technology group Wärtsilä will supply a comprehensive package of integrated solutions including LNGPac Storage and dual fuel engines for two new MSC World Class cruise vessels...
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Cruise & passenger ship new builds - A complex process

Shipbuilding, especially of modern passenger and cruise ships, has evolved into a highly complex process. Gain an insight into how to avoid the risks.
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Sustainable solutions for cruise vessels

Sustainability is a hot topic on the global agenda. Discover how cruise vessels can be designed and upgraded to deliver for our future. 

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Cruising towards sustainability

Cruise ships are massive floating cities and have to deal with problems such as safety and sustainability.
8 October 2019
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Optimising ship lifecycle efficiency

Digitalisation in the Marine Industry


Your most valued business partner

We can provide a ‘one-stopshopping’ service through our unrivalled portfolio, which means that we can be involved from the very early stages of the newbuild project. With a single, reliable supplier of integrated systems and solutions, not only are procurement procedures eased, but the entire construction time and costs can also be reduced. And we go still further; since Wärtsilä has the most complete global service network in the industry, we can be your business partner supporting you throughout the entire lifecycle of the ship.

A more comprehensive offering

No other company in the world can match Wärtsilä’s extensive portfolio of products, systems and solutions. We serve the cruise ship sector with complete power and propulsion systems, electrical and automation technology, a range of environmental solutions and much more, all of which are tailored to suit your operational needs. Furthermore, we are able to fully integrate these products and systems to ensure greater efficiency and lower operating costs. We also minimise vibration and noise for better onboard comfort.

 Integrated solutions to reduced environmental impact

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Vessel and Voyage Efficiency


FOS General Scheme

With an increasingly complicated onboard environment, digital solutions and wider connectivity are becoming more effective and central to improving energy efficiency and creating a competitive advantage. This means not only considering how to best sail and maintain your assets, but also how to meet service power needs while keeping customers safe and happy.

Wärtsilä solutions give you a high level of transparency through reliable data and predictive insights – enabling you to optimise energy efficiency at the fleet, voyage and vessel levels. These insights deliver improved performance, cost savings, and a reduction in emissions.

Wärtsilä Smart Water & Waste System

Wärtsilä Smart Water & Waste System combines the broadest portfolio of environmental technologies and process expertise with real-time data collection and modelling. This enables costs savings and trouble free autonomous operation of the system. All water&waste subsystems will have a common control system. This common control system is connected to the ship Integrated Automation System (IAS). It is needed to get location data (GPS), sea water temperature, air temperature including forecast and information of port reception facilities. In the case when ships should give reports related to waste handling to port authorities, these reports can be printed automatically.   The Smart Water&Waste System can be connected to the customer’s office and Wärtsilä’s support office through the cloud service for remote monitoring and control. Remote control and monitoring are optional features available upon the customer’s request. 

process smart water and waste system

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Customer Stories

Harmony of the Seas
The world’s largest cruise ship has an extensive equipment solution from Wärtsilä
Queen Mary II
Queen Mary II is equipped with four Wärtsilä 46 engines
Oasis of the Seas
The world's biggest cruise ship is equipped with a total of six Wärtsilä 46 engines
Royal Caribbean Cruises
Wärtsilä has an extensive maintenance and technical support partnership with Royal Caribbean Cruises

Attention to detail

Wärtsilä’s close attention to detail leads to greater operational reliability, safety and efficiency, and of course, peace of mind for the operator. Here are a few examples of what we mean:

Orange-bullet Operational safety
By ensuring that the condition of your machinery is known, unexpected failures can be prevented. Optimised Maintenance Planning based on equipment data, operational reports, and periodical inspections make it possible to address emerging issues before they escalate and compromise operations.
Orange-bullet Ensured efficiency
Wärtsilä’s Engine Efficiency Monitoring service helps minimise fuel consumption and optimise operational practices. This ensures ideal running conditions and supports decisions relating to overhauls.
Orange-bullet Maximised uptime
Dynamic Maintenance Planning is a Wärtsilä system for continuous monitoring, measuring, and analysis of the equipment condition. This allows for maintenance to be accurately planned according to actual need, rather than on a traditional hour-based schedule. This extends and coordinates maintenance intervals, while keeping the installation running at optimum performance.
Orange-bullet Dedicated support
Our lifecycle solutions include a dedicated contact person who coordinates the maintenance work. Spare parts logistics and the global coordination of competent service experts and crews is part of the service. Through our service and workshop network, we can provide access to 4,500 field service professionals in 160 locations in 70 countries. Our support also includes analyses and audits, obsolescence management, latest design and upgrades information, improvement suggestions, as well as reports for compliance with classification society requirements.

Press releases


Avoiding risks worth EUR 15 million...

Shipbuilding has come a long way from being a large but straightforward business to evolve into a highly...
1 August 2019
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Cruise ships herald the age of LNG fuel

This year will see the first LNG-fuelled cruise ships come into service, and there are many more on order...
8 May 2019
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New era in Arctic cruises

Popularity of Arctic tourism is on the rise. Construction of a cutting-edge polar ice-class cruise vessel...
10 April 2019
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Environmental credentials and image...

Gone are the days when taking care of the environment was purely an altruistic venture. Sustainability...
1 March 2019
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SmartQuay solution = Faster, safer docking

The disruptive SmartQuay solution measures distance and speed to the actual quayside, day or night, without...
4 October 2018
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Exhaust gas cleaning systems are here...

With the marine industry facing drastically tighter emission rules, come 2020, demand for SOx exhaust...
9 August 2018
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