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Wärtsilä provides yacht solutions that achieve outstanding levels of efficiency, safety, reliability and environmental compliance. At the same time, owner comfort and the special requirements of each and every customer are always at the top of our agenda when preparing a customised proposal. By connecting all the individual dots, we provide Super Yacht Intelligence.

We are one of the leading global suppliers for the Mega yacht market.

Products & services


Propulsion machinery: The central feature of Wärtsilä’s comprehensive portfolio of world-class main and auxiliary engines, gears, propellers, seals, bearings and stern tubes, and waterjets is efficiency. Through integrating these individual products into a single, fully optimised propulsion system, we can reduce operating costs significantly. Wärtsilä helps to lower maintenance costs through its broad scope of monitoring, analysis, and condition-based service systems. By knowing the actual condition of the machinery, and through accurately predicting where and when overhauls will be required, the timing of maintenance can be optimised to keep downtime to an absolute mini­mum.


Electric propulsion system: Wärtsilä offers the most economical drive solution for propulsion power onboard your yacht, installing synchronous, asynchronous or induction motors fed by LCI or PWM frequency converter technology to increase efficiency and lower the opera­tional costs. The advantages also include low noise and reduced vibration, notably improved efficiency in partial propulsion power mode, plus high reliability, availability and redundancy, with less emissions and reduced wear and tear.

Hybrid energy storage systems

Hybrid energy storage systems: By combining different power sources with energy storage devices, significant efficiency improvements can be achieved, for example through running the engines at optimal load and absorbing many of the load fluctuations using batteries. With the latest in inductive charging technology, Wärtsilä offers total plug-in solutions.

Power distribution

Power distribution: Wärtsilä offers low and medium voltage systems and UPS systems for uninterrupted, reli­able power distribution, as well as shore connection systems adapted to customer needs. The Wärtsilä GPM500 integrated system has been developed to protect and control power supply systems. A power management function is also available. The protection system can be operated independently or in combination with other systems via data bus. Interfaces to automation and other control systems can be provided.

Integrated bridge control systems

Integrated bridge control systems: The Wärtsilä NA­COS Platinum arrangement uniquely combines the control for navigation, automation, dynamic positioning, as well as power and propulsion into a single integrated system. This allows the vessel to be navigated, controlled, and monitored from various onboard locations. The truly mul­ti-functional operator stations enable unequalled flexibility and convenience. We offer the latest innovations in bridge technology, including 3D sonar, night vision and tender tracking to fully meet your specific needs.

Safety & security

Safety and security: Wärtsilä has the expertise and experience to design and integrate comprehensive safety and security systems that meet increasingly stringent regulations. Wärtsilä also offers telephone and paging systems, smoke detection, general and fire alarm systems, as well as onboard safety monitoring. Our fully integrated security systems are designed to ensure your family, guests and crew feel protected at all times. We offer onboard intruder alerts, thermal imaging cameras, fast track radars, diver detection sonars and remotely operated vehicles to ensure the vessel and its underwater hull is safe and secure.

AV & IT systems

AV & IT systems: We integrate dedicated Audio and Video Systems with the IT network to maximise the experience of our clients. To merge complex technology seamlessly into the yacht is our job as an system integrator. Our systems are simple to operate, reliable and enjoyable to use for the owner and his guests. The product scope also includes ship-wide systems, such as SAT TV reception and head end distribution. Our goal is always to exceed the expectations of our customers.


    Wärtsilä’s unique position as a single-source provider of products, systems and solutions for yachts comes with a host of benefits, including:

    • A single point of contact and single responsibility
    • Reduced risk of incompatibilities and interface miss-matches
    • Time savings in design and engineering
    • Simpler procurement procedures with lower timing and supply risks
    • Fewer project participants enable faster decision making and fewer coordination difficulties
    • Co-engineering with the shipyard’s design department
    • On-site support during installation and commissioning.

    Yachts frequently visit harbours close to heavily populated areas, and sail in pristine or endangered waters that are protected by stringent environmental regulations. We ensure that our customers are compliant everywhere they need to be. Our priority is discharge reduction, and we can ensure the safe discharge of everything; from exhaust gases to oil, waste and ballast water. A sampling of our extensive environmental offering are:

    • SOX and NOX emission reductions with multi-fuel engines capable of operating on marine diesel, LNG, bio-fuels and even methanol
    • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology for 4-stroke engines for NOx reduction
    • Sewage treatment plants to avoid discharging waste water to the sea, maintaining the quality of the world’s oceans
    • Ballast Water Management System providing a safe, flexible and economical process for the treatment of ballast water
    • Seals and bearing solutions compliant with all present and upcoming environmental regulation standards
    • High voltage shore connection systems (HVSC) to provide in-harbour electrical power without the use of auxiliary engines.
    We provide full integration of onboard solutions. You select the systems – we integrate them: from bridge to propeller.
    We work hard to understand the needs of our yacht customers.


    Lifecycle Solutions

    Yacht service Wärtsilä

    We provide lifecycle support, all the way from initial design to daily operations, and our focus is constantly on fuel and operational efficiencies that lower operating and ownership costs. All of this is backed by more than 180 years of experience.

    Round-the-clock attendance and service is available globally, organ­ized through the Wärtsilä service pools, and the world-wide service network is capable of providing technical support at short notice, on-site or via remote connection.

    Navigational safety is a product of reliable systems, professional maintenance and proficient users. The Wärtsilä Customer Training Centre in Hamburg provides a tailored training program for high-end yachts. The Training Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and is constantly being adapted to suit rules and regulations in order to provide the highest quality, including courses in NACOS Platinum navigation equipment, NACOS Platinum main engine remote control and NACOS Platinum ship auto­mation in a simulated environment.

    We appreciate that the comfort and safety of crew and guests is the priority; we know that reliable service and global availability is essential.

    fuel-efficient and sustainable -
    the Wärtsilä 14
    highspeed engine

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