In 2016 the IMO Tier III rules enter into force, imposing a severe reduction in NOx emissions. These restrictions apply to important designated areas, such as the Baltic Sea and the USA coastal waters. An alternative answer is to simply change the fuel from diesel to LNG. Fincantieri Yachts decided to get real know-how and feedback on LNG and dual fuel installations from Wärtsilä. For the subsequent project Wärtsilä was fully responsible for the propulsion system.

Since it was immediately clear that a totally new yacht had to be developed around the concept, Stefano Pastrovich, who is very active in the research of new solutions for minimizing environmental impact, joined the project.

Pastrovich Studio developed a new concept for the general arrangement and integration of LNG technology. The result is a smooth harmony that unites the onboard lifestyle, the functional use of the yacht, and finally the décor. Thus we have an innovative 99m concept, the first dual fuel, IMO Tier III compliant yacht.

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