Wärtsilä Dynamic Positioning Systems and Sensors

Practical, well-engineered DP system offering precision, reliability, and confidence, whether on the vessel, a nearby shore and even from remote locations.

Wärtsilä Dynamic Positioning Systems and Sensors

Wärtsilä Voyage continues to pioneer new capabilities for dynamic vessel positioning, from jack-up compensations to cutting-edge dynamic mooring systems integrated with customer installation systems. Beginning with the very first DP systems in the 1960s, our experience and expertise go in designing, manufacturing, and supplying state-of-the-art DP vessel control systems with proven fourth, fifth and sixth-generation systems still in operation alongside our latest Wärtsilä NACOS DP Platinum systems.

Designed with extensive operator input, the new system offers an intuitive interface, reducing training and transition times. Its unparalleled application flexibility for any vessel type provides owners with the most cost-effective solution available. All of this is backed by the renowned Wärtsilä Global Service Network.

Key benefits

  • Advanced remote diagnostics with available interfaces to multiple vessel systems
  • ISO 9001:2000 certified.
  • User interface and applications designed for and by the operator with flexible configurations.
  • Integrates with all Wärtsilä Platinum products, including automation, navigation and conning, power management, and thruster control.

Key features

  • A common hardware and software platform.
  • User-centred design (UCD) to deliver the best HMI design in the market.
  • Class-compliant simple joystick to fully integrated DP3 system references, including drilling vessels.
  • Application-specific operating modes for all vessel types.
  • Networked and highly scalable architecture.


Additional information

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