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Smart technology designed to enable a cleaner, more connected maritime world — for the safe movement of goods and people.



Autonomy Solutions

Unlock today with tomorrow’s technology

Smart new builds and retrofits that solve today’s navigation and safety issues with greener technologies of the future, keeping you ahead always.

Fleet Optimisation and Safety

Make more of now

Integrated operations and navigation platform to optimise every movement of your entire fleet for safer and more fuel-efficient voyages with reduced emissions.

Port and Traffic Management

Seamless communication for seamless movements

Real-time ship-to-shore connectivity to ensure traffic without congestion, efficiencies without safety concerns, and business volume without environmental impact.

Simulation and Training

Next level readiness

Next-gen simulation solutions that help you switch to smarter technologies and greener fuels with full preparedness and confidence.

Integrated Vessel Control Systems

Vessel control, redefined

One system to control all areas of navigation, automation, power and propulsion for unparalleled flexibility, convenience, and competitiveness.

Dynamic Positioning

Position perfect, every time

Complete and steady grip on your position and heading at all times so that you can make the toughest manoeuvres with perfect precision.

Always with you.

Service and maintenance

We provide 24/7 and lifecycle-long support. Whether your assets need servicing, spare parts, you have questions about collaborations or want solution quotes — our Support and Maintenance Teams are here for you.

Cyber security

As shipping rides on new waves of digitalisation, systems are getting connected to improve efficiency and safety but are also being exposed to newer IT and OT risks. At Wärsilä Voyage, we, therefore, embed cybersecurity into the very design of our every solution — following the highest industry standards — so that you can connect with confidence and have peace of mind.

Wärtsilä Voyage in brief

Our Vision

Imagine a shipping industry mastered so completely that efficiency spreads through every aspect of its complex being. This is a world where potential hidden within data is freed to enhance everything: vessels sail safely between harbours using the cleanest fuels, onboard power production is optimised, routes are precision-planned to avoid hazards, shore-to-shore visibility hones every navigational movement, and smart port technology ensure seamless traffic while preserving the living standards in marine cities and beyond.

Our Mission

We are creating a connected, digital infrastructure where all vessels are technologically smart. Using data and software, we deliver real-time insights into vessel performance, optimise energy use, minimise fuel consumption and the environmental impact of shipping. Our solutions combine bridge infrastructure, cloud data services and decision support tools to enable shore-to-shore visibility, optimising every movement en route. In doing so, we further emblazon mariners' and managers' uncompromised dedication to safety through less complex and more connected tools. And these synergies are not limited to ships and shores but eventually will transcend industry borders to create one seamless and sustainable global supply chain.


vessels find the best routes possible with our ECDIS, including charts and publications.


ports ensure traffic without jams with our port solutions.


vessels left inefficiencies behind with our automation systems.

Voyage Insights
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Smart navigation improves visibility of livestock carrier operations

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We’re building a smart ecosystem system for the future of maritime. It’s a bold, incredibly worthy mission that our increasingly diverse team is dedicated to achieving. So, goes without saying, some very exciting challenges lie ahead—new regions, innovative technologies, and businesses. We are, therefore, always looking for passionate and creative problem solvers who have a knack for technology and a spirit for new adventures. Sounds like you? Check out if we have a suitable position for you.

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