Energy, Essentially

In this webcast series, we break down the essentials of the energy sector 5 minutes at a time. Covering topics from the Power Plant Optimisation to Expertise Centre & Remote Monitoring in the context of South Asia, pick up bite-sized knowledge nuggets from our thought leaders and better understand the complexities of our energy sector.

Flexible Power Generation

In the first episode of the Energy, Essentially webcast series, Venkatesh R , Managing Director, Wärtsilä India, breaks down Flexible Power Generation and how assets can be future-proof.

Power Plant Optimisation and Performance

In the second episode Henri van Boxtel, Energy Business Director, South Asia, shares how we harness data to improve the performance, predictability and cost savings of our customers' operations.

Energy Storage & Optimisation

In the third episode Pieter Hokkeling, Director, Growth & Development delves into the growth, opportunities and potential of Energy Storage in maximising the value of assets in South Asia.

Expertise Centres & Remote Monitoring

Sharing his insights from our Expertise Centre in Chennai, India, James Rajan shows how getting connected to our Expertise Centres will ensure optimum efficiency of your assets by deploying dynamic maintenance planning and power plant optimisation remotely.

Decarbonisation, Modelling Capabilities & Policies

Decarbonisation comes with it's unique challenges. In this episode, Louis Strydom, Director, Project and Market Development, sheds light on the role of our in-house modelling and policy teams in tackling them, helping decision-makers deliver credible projects.

Drawing Curtains

As the series draws to a close, Henri van Boxtel, Energy Business Director, South Asia, reflects on the impact of our extensive operations in South Asia, and how continued close collaboration will be the key to driving decarbonisation in the region. 

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