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Through innovative solutions and services, Wärtsilä sets out to be the most valued business partner with products that are capable of meeting the most stringent special naval requirements, such as noise reduction and shock resistance.
Our experience in providing propulsion and powering solutions for Navy and Coast Guard vessels is long standing: more than 90 countries entrust Wärtsilä with the supply of equipment for their naval fleet. Many of Wärtsilä products meet special naval requirements such as noise reduction and shock resistance. At Wärtsilä we optimise a vessel’s efficiency by looking at the whole picture. We study the vessel’s power and propulsion systems, the integrated automation systems, and the way that the vessel will be operated and maintained.
You can have the entire power or propulsion system fully serviced by one global supplier. We are continuously developing our global service network, solutions, products and specialist services worldwide to support equipment on board your vessels or power plant installations. Our Services & Support solutions range from basic support, installation and commissioning, performance optimization, upgrades, conversions and environmental solutions to service projects and agreements focusing on overall equipment performance and asset management. We deliver our services through our service stations, workshops and ship repair centres that form our service network in 70 countries worldwide.
The global question behind the design of a vessel is the efficiency of the propulsion system. According to Wärtsilä, everything starts from the interaction between the hull and the propulsors. Then significant total savings can be found by optimizing the propeller design and matching it with the prime movers.

Engine selection is another key element to improve the overall efficiency. Wärtsilä offers the configuration which provides the ability to match and run the engines close to optimum efficiency. Wärtsilä aims to deliver the optimum total solution and performance tailored to the specific operating profile of the vessel as defined by the end-user.
Wärtsilä provides complete integrated propulsion systems and dedicated support:
  • System integration capability
  • Close cooperation with marine institutes to provide hydrodynamic studies
  • Technical abilities to meet specific naval requirements
  • Through-life cost studies
  • Integrated Logistic support (ILS)
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
The benefits of having a single supplier throughout the entire life cycle of the vessel, from conceptual design to construction and operation provide value:
  • One supplier – one responsibility – One single point of contact
  • Classification for complete systems
  • Integrated system documentation
  • Production schedule discipline
  • Warranty handling

fuel-efficient and sustainable -
the Wärtsilä 14
highspeed engine

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    Offshore Patrol Vessels

    Wärtsilä has a long and successful track record in delivering equipment for OPVs. Our propulsion packages are developed according to the mission profile of the vessel as defined by the end-user.

    These modern vessels perform an array of non-military functions. They are used as fishing vessels, for environmental and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) protection duties, and for law enforcement, as well as many other applications. This means that their propulsion systems have to suit the varying loads that are required in such a diverse operational envelope.

    Complete propulsion solutions

    No two OPV designs are the same, although typically they have a displacement of between 500 and 3300 tonnes, a speed of up to 25 knots, and a limited weapons and communications fit. Taking into account the vessel’s required operational profile, we propose a customized solution for each application. Our package approach offers real benefits in terms of manufacturer support throughout the life of the vessel.

    Perfect match between prime movers and propellers

    A significant improvement in efficiency can be achieved by optimizing the propeller design and matching it with the prime movers. Engine selection is a key element in achieving optimum operation, in terms of performance reliability and maintenance. Wärtsilä offers the right configuration, and one that enables the engines to be run as close to optimum efficiency as possible. 

    Naval Combatant Vessels

    Wärtsilä provides propulsion systems and power generation systems for frontline vessels. We work in close co-operation with the customer to select the most appropriate solution, focusing always on performance, reliability, low lifecycle costs, and integrated logistical support.

    The increasing importance of stealth and shock resistance capabilities in fighting vessels, means that the already reliable technology used for commercial vessels requires significant enhancement. Through the development of innovative and integrated solutions, Wärtsilä strives to be the most valued business partner with products that are capable of meeting the most stringent special naval requirements.

    High shock resistance, low noise, minimal vibration levels

    Navy applications typically specify high shock resistance, low noise and minimal vibration levels. This requires tailor-made solutions that are based on standard equipment. Wärtsilä works closely with navies, coastguards, and shipyards starting from the design phase of the vessel, in order to meet the end-user’s prerequisites. Our expertise in complete solutions also results from our long-standing collaboration with the major institutes in terms of research and hydrodynamic studies.

    WARP systems

    Unique to Wärtsilä is the delivery of Waterjet And Refined Propeller (WARP) systems. These systems combine controllable pitch propellers with a waterjet. The benefit is that the largest parts of the total installed vessel power can be absorbed by the waterjet. Despite the high level of power, the dimensions of the jet remain relatively small, thanks to the high allowed power density compared to a propeller.

    WARP system benefits

    With the jet taking most of the total vessel power, the propellers can remain small in diameter and the draft of the vessel can be limited. The result is a very attractive operational profile. The propellers are fully optimized for lower cruising speeds, delivering optimum efficiency with low noise and little vibration. At the same time, the combination of the waterjet and propellers still gives access to higher speeds when required.

    Naval Auxiliaries

    Auxiliaries encompass a wide variety of vessels with different functionalities and operational demands. Our naval experts are highly trained in developing innovative and environmentally sound solutions, providing flexible power and efficiency with low lifecycle costs according to the specific ship requirements.

    Working as a partner, using the full Wärtsilä product portfolio available in all aspects of power generation, propulsion, automation and power distribution, we develop reliable solutions based on a diesel mechanical, diesel-electric, or hybrid configuration.

    Flexible solutions

    The composition and size of auxiliaries vary depending on the nature of each naval fleet and its primary mission. Smaller coastal fleets tend to have smaller auxiliary vessels focusing primarily on littoral and training support roles. Larger blue water navies tend to have sizeable auxiliary fleets comprising longer-range fleet support vessels designed to provide support far beyond territorial waters. Wärtsilä provides tailored-made solutions that are adapted to the specific needs of our customers.

    Integrated solution benefits

    An integrated approach also means a single contact point for project management and installation; a one-stop shop for all aspects of lifecycle support, and optimized overall performance that incorporates substantial energy savings. As all the systems are engineered to work together, their compatibility and functionality is guaranteed. Risks associated with technical issues and time schedules are minimized.

    Lifecycle commitment

    Our Services organization currently features more than 11,000 dedicated professionals in 70 countries. The choice extends from parts and maintenance services to a variety of comprehensive, customized long-term service agreements, including performance and operations & management agreements.


    • Tonnerre BPC
      Delivered in 2007, the Tonnerre BPC is the second ship of the Mistral Class, the French Navy's first all-electric warships. The power-generation system consists of three Wärtsilä 16V32 and one Wärtsilä 18V200 generating sets, together providing 20.8 MW power for propulsion and services. (photo courtesy of Dominique Pipet)

      Tonnerre BPC

    • SAS Amatola
      The SAS Amatola, commissioned in 2006, is the first of four South African Valour class frigates. These vessels have a ‘Waterjet and a Refined Propeller’ or WARP propulsion solution with three shaft lines. (photo courtesy of Blohm+Voss GmbH)

      SAS Amatola

    • PZM Comandante Toro
      The Patrulleros de Zona Marítima (PZM) are a series of offshore patrol vessels being built for the Navies of Chile, Argentina and Colombia. A key factor in Wärtsilä winning the contract for the Chilean OPVs was the company’s ability to supply complete, integrated propulsion systems.

      PZM Comandante Toro

    • HMS Queen Elizabeth
      The HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest ship ever built for the Royal Navy. The prime movers selected for the generating sets are two 12-cylinder and two 16-cylinder Wärtsilä 38 engines for each ship. (photo courtesy of BVT)

      HMS Queen Elizabeth

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