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Powering naval vessels, military ships, and coast guard vessels

Wärtsilä’s secure, reliable systems and services for navies and governmental marine organisations include engines, thrusters, propulsion solutions, and lifecycle services for naval vessels, military ships and other special vessels. The portfolio meets the most stringent, special naval requirements such as noise reduction and shock resistance.

Grey to green: Advanced solutions will reduce emissions

Naval vessels as well as coast guard and research vessels are moving towards a more sustainable future in line with global reduction in emissions. Working in collaboration with partners and solution providers it is possible to deliver the mission profile required with a sustainable approach. 

Wärtsilä offers a variety of solutions for emissions reduction. For example:

  • Advanced flexible hybrid systems
  • Future fuel operated engines and fuel gas handling
  • Exhaust gas emission reduction technology
  • Optimised propulsion solution to meet mission profile of the vessel.

When working with you, Wärtsilä’s experts will look at the whole picture of your vessel or fleet’s efficiency. They will seek a comprehensive, optimal combination of the power and propulsion systems, the integrated automation systems, and the way that the vessel will be operated and maintained. The resulting solutions will be optimised, reduce emissions, and cut operating costs.

High standard on deliveries

All deliveries will have the following high standards:

  • Maximised vessel reliability and availability
  • Maximised manoeuvrability and speed
  • Maximised vessel range and endurance
  • Optimised vessel CAPEX and OPEX
  • Integrated Logistics Support, including
    - NATO codification
    - Reliability and maintainability studies
    - Obsolescence management.

Depending on deployment area, the deliveries will also meet the following standards:

  • Operating in artic conditions
  • Exhaust emissions requirements

Vessel types

Wärtsilä is the leading partner and supplier to navies and coast guards for a wide variety of vessel types.

Royal Navy - Courtesy of BVT - HMS Daring

Frontline combatant vessels

  • Operational flexibility with reduced noise and vibration reduction
  • Shock resistant equipment to maintain vessel integrity
  • Highly efficient and reliable propulsion solution to deliver manoeuvrability and speed on demand
    - SBN (Structure Borne Noise)
    - ABN (Air Borne Noice)
    - EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility)
    - URN (Underwater Radiated Noise)
French Navy - BPC Tonnerre - Copyright Dominique Pipet

Auxiliary ships

  • Optimised, integrated propulsion solution. Wärtsilä as a single supplier will reduce the complexity of maintenance and improve efficiency
  • The world's most efficient 4-stroke engine (Guinness World Record holding)  
  • Medium speed engines that deliver simplified maintenance with longer intervals 
  • Vessel course keeping
    - Shock
    - SBN (Structure Borne Noise)
    - ABN (Air Borne Noice)
PZM Comandante Toro - Chilean Navy’s Coast Guard

Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs)

  • Integrated solutions that work seamlessly together and are optimal for multiple mission profile performance
  • Wärtsilä’s solutions ensure that patrol vessels can operate in the world’s most challenging sea conditions for extended periods of time to complete mission-critical operations
  • Extreme reliability, maximised operational range, efficiency, and endurance - because OPVs will often need to be on patrol for long periods at sea.
Copyright Boustead Naval Shipyard Sdn. Bhd.

Mine countermeasures vessels (MCMVs)

  • Wärtsilä’s solutions are designed, built, and constructed to meet military standards with maximise vessel reliability and availability
  • The solutions offer high performance manoeuvrability with reduced noise and vibrations, shock resistant equipment, and magnetic signature reduction.
Submarine Copyright Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems


  • Wärtsilä’s propulsion solutions maximise the reliability and availability of the vessel while reducing noise and vibrations
  • Shock resistant equipment with reduced magnetic signature.

Search and rescue (SAR)

  • Integrated solutions that work seamlessly together and deliver optimised for multiple mission profile performance - including slow speed operation / search and rescue
  • Silent operation – specifically designed propulsion solutions will remove interference with onboard sensors and equipment – this ensures that mission critical operations are not put at risk.
Patrol ships and fast attack vessels

Patrol ships and fast attack vessels

  • Wärtsilä’s solutions are designed, built, and constructed to meet military standards of performance, reliability and availability
  • Propulsion and power solutions are integrated to deliver fast response and maneuverability


Powering the world’s navies

Wärtsilä has a long-standing experience in providing propulsion and powering solutions for Navy and Coast Guard vessels. More than 90 countries entrust Wärtsilä with the supply of equipment for their naval fleet. Here are just a few examples.

  • lcs2-independance-slide
    USS Independence

    The USS Independence (LCS 2) entered service in 2010 as the first of a series of initially ten. The vessel design is based on that of a high-speed trimaran and is capable of speeds in excess of 40 knots. This innovative combat ship is equipped with Wärtsilä Waterjets.

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  • spearhead-1-slide
    USNS Spearhead

    The USNS Spearhead is the first of the ten Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) supporting the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Army with the intra-theatre manoeuvres of personnel, supplies and equipment. It is equipped with Wärtsilä waterjets and designed to reach 43 knots without payload.

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  • navy-southafricannavy-copyrightblohm-vossgmbh-mekoa200-slide
    SAS Amatola

    The SAS Amatola, commissioned in 2006, is the first of four South African Valour class frigates. These vessels have a ‘Waterjet and a Refined Propeller’ or WARP propulsion solution with three shaft lines. (photo courtesy of Blohm+Voss GmbH)

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  • hsv-2-slide
    HSV2 Swift

    Wärtsilä Jetguard Seals for high speed navy catamaran

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  • Comandante Toro Courtesy Navy Chilean Navy Coast Guard
    PZM Comandante Toro

    The Patrulleros de Zona Marítima (PZM) are a series of offshore patrol vessels being built for the Navies of Chile, Argentina and Colombia. A key factor in Wärtsilä winning the contract for the Chilean OPVs was the company’s ability to supply complete, integrated propulsion systems.

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  • HMS Queen Elizabeth - THALES Copyright
    HMS Queen Elizabeth

    The HMS Queen Elizabeth is the largest ship ever built for the Royal Navy. The prime movers selected for the generating sets are two 12-cylinder and two 16-cylinder Wärtsilä 38 engines for each ship. (photo courtesy of BVT)

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  • BPC Tonnerre Copyright Dominique Pipet
    Tonnerre BPC

    Delivered in 2007, the Tonnerre BPC is the second ship of the Mistral Class, the French Navy's first all-electric warships. The power-generation system consists of three Wärtsilä 16V32 and one Wärtsilä 18V200 generating sets, together providing 20.8 MW power for propulsion and services. (photo courtesy of Dominique Pipet)

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Complete propulsion solutions

The design of a vessel is most efficient when the hull and propulsors interact in an optimal way. Optimizing propeller design and engine selection can lead to significant fuel savings – reducing emissions and saving money on fuel.

Hybrid solutions and electrical and power management systems may be part of the solution – always integrated, optimal, and tailored to the specific operating profile of the vessel. This helps ensure safe and efficient operation.

Energy saving devices and technologies (ESTs) will help you save fuel and decrease emissions now. Learn more – download your quick guide to energy saving technologies now!

Sustainable marine fuels and solutions

Which sustainable fuel is going to be the prevailing one in the future? All alternative fuels have their unique pros and cons. This is why Wärtsilä is investing in all the new fuels and developing flexible technologies.

This table summarises the existing fuel technologies and the ones under development.

Fuel flexibility is important – learn more about the development of future marine fuels in Wärtsilä. 

Essential solutions and services for governmental and naval vessels

Interesting downloadables

Reasons to choose Wärtsilä solutions

Wärtsilä is investing heavily in R&D and in manufacturing processes to stay at the forefront of the industry. In 2022 alone, we committed 241 million euros to R&D, and we have over 2,850 patents. This is an important reason why we continue leading the way in emissions reduction technology.

Experience and expertise

You will get the benefits of Wärtsilä’s expertise and decades’ long experience in marine applications. 
In addition to delivering complete integrated propulsion systems, we have the best experts for the following, for example:

  • Integrating and optimising complex marine systems
  • Understanding of naval requirements – and the ability to deliver solutions that meet those requirements
  • Preparing cost estimates and studies that cover the whole lifetime of vessels
  • Knowhow to offer preventive and corrective maintenance.

Wärtsilä also has close ties with marine institutes that provide hydrodynamic studies.
Last but not least, we can provide Integrated Logistic support (ILS).


One supplier – many benefits

Choose Wärtsilä for your single supplier throughout the vessel’s lifetime - from conceptual design to construction and operation. You will have one point of contact and one supplier with full responsibility. Other benefits include:

  • Your complete systems can get classification
  • Documentation will cover the entire system
  • Production schedules will have a discipline
  • Handling of warranties will be streamlined.


Worldwide services 

Wärtsilä’s global service network operates in 70 countries worldwide. It offers a range of solutions, products, and specialist services to support the equipment on board.
You can select the level of service that fits your needs. For example, basic support, installation and commissioning, performance optimization, upgrades, conversions, environmental solutions, service projects, and outcome-based service agreements with a focus on achieving specific performance. 

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