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Signature Management

In the area of magnetic systems the scope of supply and services offered by Wärtsilä to navies and shipyards worldwide includes advanced degaussing systems for deployment on surface combatants, mine counter measure vessels, submarines and auxiliary vessels. 

In addition to degaussing systems the planning, design and delivery of fixed and mobile magnetic ranges and of demagnetisation facilities for ships and ship equipment complete Wärtsilä's comprehensive range of supplies and services in the area of magnetic systems.

Comprehensive expertise and know how is available at Wärtsilä for the design of degaussing coil systems, which is carried out with the aid of advanced CAD modelling techniques. These are aimed at optimising the coil design and allow the prediction of the magnetic signature of the vessel on the basis of the ship designdata and the subsequent degaussing coil layout.

In connection with the relevant ship data, the available design tools also allow the immediate verfication of design changes made to the vessel and the coil configuration.

Wärtsilä is able to carry out degaussing coil design for a variety of vessels and is prepared to accept the overall responsibiliy for their magnetic performance.

signature management

Signature prediction and design support

Wärtsilä supports customer during design phase to achieve lowest results by conducting signature prediction in an early stage of design. We support by defining and implementing of coil layout into vessel's geometry for surface vessel and submarine application

We define a taylored design handbook for your application in close cooperation with your departments incorporating applicable standards.

  • Electromagnetic signature prediction based on modeling data
  • Magnetic signature prediction based on ranging data (function included in all ranging facilities and intelligent terminal for degaussing systems)
  • Prediction for world-wide locations and conditions
  • Supervision/consultancy during design and construction phase  (signature manager)

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