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Ranging and treatment facilities

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Ranging and treatment facilities

Our multi-influence ranging systems for the acquisition of underwater signatures of naval vessels including but not limited to magnetic, acoustic, electric and pressure signatures for mobile and stationary employment enable navies to adjust and validate the degaussing settings of their vessels.

Sophisticated software for modeling and analysis of the ranging results forms an integral part of our supplies. The design of all customized systems is based on corresponding modeling and calculations where Wärtsilä has many years of successful experience.

The planning, design, and delivery of fixed and mobile magnetic ranges and of demagnetisation facilities for ships and ship equipment complete Wärtsilä’s comprehensive range of supplies and services in the area of magnetic systems.

Key Features of Ranging Facilities

  • Mobile or fixed solutions available
  • Modular architecture
  • Separation of Permanent and Induced field
  • Creating of a Magnetic Model
  • Magnetic Signature prediction for other locations and depths
  • Degaussing Setting Proposal
  • Analyze Functions such as FFT, LOFAR, Waterfall, 3D etc.
  • Doppler Correction
  • Reference Measurement for precise Probe location down to 1cm
  • Equipment designed for depths in shallow water or down to 50 meters
  • Equipment approved for various sea environments such as tidal impacts or fouling or plant cover

Key Features of Treatment Facilities

  • Various system types (wrapping, cage, overrun)
  • Holistic turnkey solution from design to commissioning or equipment supply
  • Signature management, individual solution fitted to your requirements: We design the system for your lowest signature on specific vessel types (customized approach)
  • System adapted to different vessel sizes
  • Solutions for all topographic and environmental conditions
  • Open standard to facilitate interfaces to other systems
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