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Waterjets and marine jet propulsion

When deciding on the right waterjet solution there are many variables to consider – from size, weight and power to efficiency, reliability, support and ease of integration. All of this can make it a complicate process, but it doesn’t have to be. At Wärtsilä we have been delivering waterjet solutions that meet customer needs and all these variables for over 40 years. ​

At the heart of this is our Smart Marine Vision, where collaboration and the most advanced digital technology come together to deliver solutions with greater efficiency, safety, security and reduced environmental impact throughout the life of the asset.​

Our solutions

Installing lightweight, modular waterjets will reduce emissions

Wärtsilä’s modular WXJ waterjets lightweight and have high propulsion efficiency and an improved axial pump design that improves vessel fuel economy. They are a great way to reduce emissions. You will find 49 more ways in a fascinating eBook “50 great ways the maritime industry could cut its greenhouse gas emissions”. Learn more:

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Customer stories

Discover the benefits others have already gained from Wärtsilä waterjets.

  • Hales Trophy
    Wärtsilä powered Incat catamarans

    For thirty years, the Hales Trophy for the fastest Atlantic crossing by a commercial passenger vessel has been held by catamarans built by Australian shipbuilder Incat Tasmania. In fact, three successive world records for the ‘Blue Riband’ crossing have been won by Incat catamarans, and all have been powered by Wärtsilä waterjets.

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  • Balearia-slide
    High-speed catamaran for Baleària

    The largest LNG-fuelled high-speed catamaran

  • SAINT-JOHN-PAUL-II-1138-420
    Saint John Paul II

    The largest high-speed catamaran operating in the Mediterranean Sea

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  • FRANCISCO-1138-420

    The world´s fastest high speed ferry to utilize liquefied natural gas (LNG) as fuel

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  • Molslinjen-ferry-1138-420
    Express 4

    High-speed RoPax with a compact axial flow jet solution

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  • lcs2-independance-slide
    USS Independence

    The USS Independence (LCS 2) entered service in 2010 as the first of a series of initially ten. The vessel design is based on that of a high-speed trimaran and is capable of speeds in excess of 40 knots. This innovative combat ship is equipped with Wärtsilä Waterjets.

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  • spearhead-1-slide
    USNS Spearhead

    The USNS Spearhead is the first of the ten Joint High Speed Vessel (JHSV) supporting the US Navy, Marine Corps, and Army with the intra-theatre manoeuvres of personnel, supplies and equipment. It is equipped with Wärtsilä waterjets and designed to reach 43 knots without payload.

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  • navy-southafricannavy-copyrightblohm-vossgmbh-mekoa200-slide
    SAS Amatola

    The SAS Amatola, commissioned in 2006, is the first of four South African Valour class frigates. These vessels have a ‘Waterjet and a Refined Propeller’ or WARP propulsion solution with three shaft lines. (photo courtesy of Blohm+Voss GmbH)

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  • Natchan Rera
    Natchan Rera

    The Natchan Rera started service in 2007. Engine power from the vessel is converted to thrust using a newly designed waterjet, the LJX 1500 SRI, from Wärtsilä. The vessel sails at loaded speeds of approximately 40 knots. (photo courtesy of INCAT)

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  • hsv-2-slide
    HSV2 Swift

    Wärtsilä Jetguard Seals for high speed navy catamaran

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